Thursday, June 11, 2009

Worth the wait...

Well, another late night is coming to an end, I am about 14 packs into my Topps 2009 Series one box and I could tell this was a special box when the first pack gave me

Smug son of a gun...and then the second pack gave...
This ebay shot is not great (plus mine is number 34/50), but this is a silk print. Unsure if this is the relic of the pack, or a seperate insert. Time will tell.

Too tired to do more HTML, so let me just give you the rundown of the other inserts, which were plentiful...

Gold Parallel: Tim Lincicum Cy Young Award, Johan Santana, Xavier Nady, John Russell

Turkey Red: A-Rod, Miguel Cabrera, Bengie Molina

Legends: Nolan Ryan

4 gold toppstown cards

All this in the first 14 packs. I am thinking big on this one...stay tuned.

Oh, FYI, I also got two WBC redemption cards...I have already registered one of these so I have two of these available for anybody who gives me a shout!

Another FYI, I have added Garrett Atkins TR to available for trade...

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