Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rippin it 2007 style

As I drove home this evening, my fingers began to twitch. It was that feeling that I gotta open some packs and I gotta open them soon! I have been having trouble obtaining my Topps 2009 Series 1 hobby box from Canada (will actually get here tomorrow!) and I needed something to open, so I drove to the hobby store to take a look.

I went to a new shop and was absolutely appauled that they were asking $5.95 for a pack of Upper Deck. No thanks, I will save the political inserts for another day. My eyes scanned the room and wound up on these...

$1.50 a pack. I saw an opportunity to maybe snag a nice rookie, a rare insert, or at least a few Red Sox. Man was I mistaken. This is the only series I know where you actually are looking for short prints WITHOUT a signature. What?? Also, did not pull a single Red Sox, but did pull a couple of Yankees (know just who to send these to), and also a...wait for it...Brandon Morrow rookie card....wa wa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Well at least I save some penny sleaves. Some "Highlights"

For what its worth...and that ain't much, this was the best card..I also have a Sheffield and a Delgado if somebody would like them.

Kansas City Royals Stadium on gameday!

"Do you know us? We're a Major League Baseball Team"!


Topps 2009 Series cards on the way! Stay tuned.

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