Thursday, June 11, 2009

Interesting Set Available...

Hey all, this whole adventure began with a bag of loose cards my wife brought home from the office from a coworker cleaning out her daughters room. During my search through those cards I found a rather interesting set of upper deck seattle mariner cards. I could not find these anywhere online, but was told by a card store owner that they are a Pepsi collection set from 1996. Going through the bad I BELIEVE that I have them all, and they are in pretty good condition considering they had not been sleeved. Here is what is in the set:

P1 - Joey Cora
P2 - Ken Griffey Jr
P3 - Jay Buhner
P4 - Alex Rodriguez
P5 - Norm Charlton
P6 - Edgar Martinez
P7 - Paul Sorrento
P8 - Randy Johnson
P9 - Rich Amaral
P10 - Russ Davis
P11 - Greg McCarthy
P12 - Jamie Moyer
P13 - Jeff Fassero
P14 - Scott Sanders
P15 - Dan Wilson
P16 - Mike Blowers
P17 - Bobby Ayala
P18 - Brent Gates
P19 - John Marzano
P20 - Sweet Lou Piniella

Just verified on Beckett that this is called the 1997 mariner pepsi game set. There is some nice names here and some value, but mostly for Mariner fans, so I thought I would put this up on the trade block if anybody is interested? Just let me know!

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