Monday, June 8, 2009

Chasin' the Set

Just thought that I would give an update with where I stand on the hobby box rippin. I am about 3/4 of the way through the series 2 box and I still have one more series 1 one the way. My goal is to complete a base set (or at least within a few cards) and then post what I need to finish up. As for the inserts, I know for sure I want to gather all of the Turkey Reds and Career Legends, but am unsure about the Ring of Honor because I have been pretty lucky about not getting dups and so far that set is filling itself out nicely. I have a good collection of gold cards as well, and really have no need to keep a smattering of random players, so I plan on pretty much putting these on the trade block.

By tonight I will load up my trade block with some Turkey Reds, Career Legends, Ring of Honor, as well as the gold cards for you to look over. Also I will post what I have for WBC if that is your bag. Common cards will be coming soon, but I want to get through all the hobby boxes first so I can post them all at once. So check back soon for the inserts! Just some highlights of what I have pulled the last few days...
Sweet. the best part about finding these is that you just don't see it coming. They can be anywhere in the pack, not just a middle insert. So my jaw dropped. This was early in the box too.

There should be an image here for the WBC Topps Redemption card, which I logged into, but apparenty the ungodly bright yellow image was protected, so you will just have to image my joy upon seeing this. I guess we will see what comes, but dont be surprised if this ends up on the block...

I also received 2 more relic cards, one jersey and one bat...the names of which escape me at the moment, so I will post later. I am still seeking an autograph card, but chances are running out...

OH, I almost forgot. I basically consider ToppsTown to be the thick card in the middle to stablize the pack, and these are being round-filed at a rapid pace...I am just hanging on to the gold versions that I find. IF you are interested in any particular player and want me to save these, LET ME KNOW NOW, because I am ripping open many packs and basically chucking these out with the wrappers.

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