Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Have I Done???


1. clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.
2. The state or quality of being clear or transparent to the eye; pellucidity: the clarity of pure water.
3. Realizing that I am WAY over head and becoming knee deep in baseball cards.

Let me first state that despite the above, I am having a blast with this hobby. I have met some nice people, and have even made a couple trades...not bad for a couple weeks work. I am here to confess, however, that I have broken a major rule that I have read about. Don't try to collect everything!

In the beginning I had total clarity (see above) on what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to complete one set of Topps 2009 for keeps (3 cards short) and one for trade. I would then tackle the subsets.

Cards opened up, log em in, put em in a sleeve, file, sort, presto!

Well, along the way I decided to test drive a few other products to see what my next goal would be. Against blog poll opinion I got a few packs of upper deck 2009..not that they are bad cards, but no way I am able to collect over 1000 of the suckers. Plus Great Moments in History are not exactly my cup o tea.

I got a great deal on a case of 2004 upper deck for 30 bucks. I figured at the very least I would get a couple pieces of memorabilia and some Red Sox. I did...and Included in the box was a 50 card "vintage" booster set that was absolute pie hole. Highlights...

#303 - Johnny Damon....CAPTAIN CAAAAVVEMAN! Also got me an Ortiz, Schilling, and "I dropped off of the face of the earth" Keith Foulke.

Memorabilia - Vernon Wells game used Jersey, Todd Williams Team USA game used jersey. Wow, my collection is now complete

I tried out some Topps 2009 Heritage (even the gum..ugg), and out of five packs was surprised to pull a few decent cards

Numbered 391/1960. Not too shabby.
Ugg. A short print though. I understand the value of a good catcher. Good ol George Posada.

The of course I pull a SP Man-Ram delight. Not my problem anymore!
Phantom HTML Spacing later, I bring you Evan Almighty.

The cool thing about this series is that I read somewhere that these are easier to sign because they are not so glossy. I tend to agree, but don't really see myself commiting to this series, so if you are looking for some missing commons or some of the above caught you eye, just let me know we can easily work something out.

Long story short, I need to start picking my battles, lest I end up with a melting pot of EVERYTHING. Please let me know if you are looking for any 2004 UD, 2009 Topps Heritage, 2007 Topps, or 2008 Topps. I have commons and not so commons at your disposal...before they hit mine!


  1. Ha, yeah, it's easy to get carried away! When I first got back into the hobby I went crazy buying cheap wax on ebay. All of a sudden I had a bunhc of crap laying around that lost its sentimental value a few packs in. For me, I've found that setting aside a strict budget works best - otherwise you end up with "too much" and you'll burn out!!

  2. Hey, Max here ( I would be more than happy to trade with you for whatever you need. I know I have a few 09 Turkey Reds hangin around and a bunch of topps series 2 that I can trade with. I'm looking to put together 09 Heritage right now, so if you have any extras of those let me know!

  3. Hey Max!

    A Dodger man! Great, I have quite a bit I can trade you then. I assume that you like the Martin Refractor? Lets take it offline at my email and we should be able to work something out!