Monday, June 15, 2009

Of Things Napolean, Phelps, and Bigfoot

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of having a dinner meeting with the CEO of the blog, JD. Over a fine meal of strained peas, pears, and pureed turkey and wild rice, we discussed all things baseball card collecting related and the direction that we would like to see our collection go next.

"aaaggggg"! he exclaimed, which clearly meant that it is time to stop test driving so many single products. "blaaagggg" he added, indicating that next time I purchase a retail box, to be sure that I get the CORRECT product, and not throwbacks. He had a point there. He is wise indeed.

Over dessert (milk) we talked further about starting up set collection, since we are making a bit of headway on our Topps flagship, and 2010 is oh so far away still. Which one to choose? UD is too vast, and then cardboard boxes and penny sleeves alone, not to mention the several boxes needed to complete the set would seriously cut into our pureed meat fund...Topps Heritage was a little underwhelming and smelly, and Bowman is a little too speculative for our taste. The choice became clear..

"AAAGGGIN" exclaimed Jacoby

"AAAGGIN"? I asked him..."Oh, you mean Allen and Ginter"?

I took his grabbing and gnawing on my shirt sleeve to be an affirmative.

So JD and I proudly announce that this July we will begin the quest for Allen and Ginter 2009!

We just pre-ordered a couple hobby boxes last night and are excited at the prospects of completing a full base set, as well as as many of the strange subsets as well. Please check back in for updates, and feel free to email us with any questions or trade needs!

ps. As I have been reading about the product, my attention was brought to the "crack the ginter code" contest. Now I know that this is a nearly impossible mission and there are tons of people out there that would like to crack the code. BUT if you are not one of those people, I thought it would be an incredible kick to have little JD immortalized on a baseball card, so I thought I would start a grassroots campaign. Again, I know that this is a next to none chance, but if you have no desire for those cards, please keep us in mind, and we will return in kind!


  1. if it'll get the kid on a card, you've got mine if/when I find them.

  2. Your posts are hilarious! JD was wise indeed to lead you to Allen & Ginter - it's a sweet set! I only occasionally purchase packs of the stuff, but I'll send any Crack the Code cards I pull your way - I'm too lazy to do the work myself! You're motivating me to try to complete a set instead of randomly buying boxes of discounted crap...

  3. Thanks you guys! We wont let you down!