Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wild Kingdom

Just what the heck is going on at Progressive Field? Last night I had the opportunity to catch a few innings of the Cleveland/Milwaukie roller coaster. our friends the birds were once again the stars of the show, as the ESPN cameras loving continued to shoot shots of the birds from the stadium cameras, as well as numerous shots from the blimp above.

Now one of the reasons I love baseball so much is the UNPREDICTABILTY of the game. Each season is so long that you every year I can count on seeing something that I have never seen before,or thought possible.

Case in point. Last year Manny Ramirez catches a ball in deep left, high-fives a fan, and then proceeds to complete the double play. The year before that there was the Tarp attack during a rain storm in Colorado, as Phillies came to the aid.

Now, I am sorry to Yankee fans, but the midges attack in Cleveland during the 2007 ALDS was a classic

So I watched the game last night in wonder as the birds swooped and soared and soiled the field (good thing those guys are wearing hats) and wondered what was the seagulls motive? World domination?

Nah, I doubt it...they are probably more concerned with finding some popcorn that planning a hostile takeover.

it suddenly came to me what is happening in Cleveland...clearly the seagulls are being released into the stadium in order to deal with the midge problem. As the midges have definitely left a sour taste (sorry Joba) in many peoples mouths, it makes sense for team management to deal with the midge issue.

My question then becomes...how do we take care of the seagulls? After being bamboozled last week by the gulls, Coco Crisp recently fought back...

Clearly the next phase in controlling the birds is to release some small felines into the stadium to scare the birds away...

So you have a few kitties in the outfield to scare the birds off...what is the harm, right? HOWEVER, in the circle of life everything needs its checks and balances and should those cats get out of line, there is only one answer...

Oh, did you guys want to talk about cards today? :)

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  1. You think Hideki Matsui could dispose of the lions if necessary?

    I agree.