Friday, June 19, 2009

It's a Cub Eat Cub World

I have disocvered that my calling in life is to receive either Yankee cards or Cubs cards. I have now collected so many cubs game used that I figured it deserved a blog of its own. I will try to do this Chronologically: This was my very first game used pull. I was very excited to finally find the major prize that the box advertised. That was until the next day when I pulled this: Cool! Never thought that I would pull a short print variety. Ryne has since found a home with Cubbie fan BDJ. I then started a Series 1 hobby box and ended up pulling: Eh? ANOTHER Aramis? Okay, but at least couldn't he be doing something a little more exciting in this card? Also, is there a third version with a side profile? As I worked to complete the Topps series I snagged this: This is a nice little silk numbered to 50 card. I never knew about these cards before and have never seen another one out there, so I am quite happy to have this in my collection. Next:
Sandberg makes another appearance in my collection, obviously looking to fill the void of his SP doppleganger.

Just can't keep a good Aramis down, as he makes yet another appearance.

Lastly, I bring you the great SS Ernie Banks. This is without a doubt one of my favorites of all the cards listed above and most likely he is going to hang out in the collection for some time. For you Cub fans out there, I am looking to diversify my game-used portfolio a bit, and would be happy to send any of the Aramis trifecta your direction if you have something interesting in exchange. Just let me know! Cubs win! Cubs win!


  1. What are you looking for in trade. I don't have many game used that are not Cubs but I have a few autos and some other goodies lying around here.

  2. Hey gritz. I cant seem to send you an email. Email me at and we can talk about swapping out some memorabilia!