Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom

So in my daily travels around the web learning about potential card sets to collect, I stumbled upon this little number from the Beckett Blog, (or go to Topps if you hate Beckett). Now since it appears that my MO is collecting full sets, this one certainly fits the bill being only 250 or so base cards (each box has 24 packs of 12 cards) so by doing the math you can see that one box and a bit of trading ought to do the trick.

However, look at the designs of these cards. Sorry they are a bit small, but there are larger versions at the above link. I guess my thoughts are that the whole UPC code style is a bit hokey, but where they really lose me is with the ticket stubs. Are AUTHENTIC MLB ticket stub really worth their weight? Really? I guess I should not have discarded mine from the Sox/Mariners game in Seattle. I guess if it was a monumental game (like the midges attacking Joba!) then I can see SOME value, but don't think enough value to drop 90 bucks, 90! on a hobby box. I will give credit to the Pujols card, it has a nice signature AND game-used jersey in a cool layout, but as a new collector, I really have to wonder what you all think of this set. Is this the next great thing, or just a way for Topps to make a little extra cash this fall?

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  1. Fleer did something kinda sorta similar in '03 (or '04, or maybe both) with "Authentix". I agree with your thoughts on the actual ticket stubs - I don't get it either.

    I didn't like the "ticket" look then, and I don't like it now. It's just a bit too cheesy for my liking. $90 seems a little steep for a box, but I guess it depends on the quality of the hits. The autographed relic cards could be sweet if they're of decent players.