Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Trade in the Barrel!

So a lot to report tonight. Add another milestone complete to my baseball card collecting project. When I got home this evening, I was just chilling at the table with my favorite Mitch Williams card when I noticed my first brown package! So massive props go out to Ed at Roll out the Barrel
for supplying me with the first free pack of cards that I have opened in several weeks!

This package included a few cards towards my Turkey Hunt!
The recently liberated...I mean traded Nate McClouth, Ryan Zimmerman, and Delmon Young are officially off of my hit list...Ed also included an extremely rare Jacoby Dustin Card (I think it is a 1:1).

These three cards at first glance may not seem that important, if not for the fact that I have now officially completed base set 1-660! Ed had noticed my self-deprecating blog last week for accidentally purchasing Target throwback blasters, and must have sensed that I was about to throw in the towel because I had an email waiting for me the next morning. I suspect that Denard Span was so difficult to find because everybody sends the to Crackin Wax!
Also included were a healthy handful of commons to help me complete set number 2 since I amassed so many duplicates in this process that I figured I might as well complete a second set. I am well on my way and my needs list has shrunk significantly.
So cheers to Ed for helping me achieve my first goal, and saving me from spending $20 more bucks on another blaster!

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