Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Little Less Green

Well, I am happy to report that today I feel a little less of a greenhorn with my first official autograph pull "of relevance" I am not saying that a Mets prospect (who happened to play for Oregon State I have been told) is not relevant to SOMEBODY, but not for me. So without further ado I bring you...
Also numbered to 125. I really enjoy young pitchers, as every season they get really hyped up as they get called up to the bigs and always start out on fire since nobody has ever seen their stuff. Cueto did just that last season, becoming an immediate impact for the Reds (and on my fantasy squad), only to flouder out due to control problems and too many innings, though he still threw an occasional gem. This season he is currently posting a 2.17 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP and a nearly 3:1 K/BB ratio. Upper Deck got it right by calling him a future legend, and I am happy to have him as a permanent addition to my collection. I am also seeking other young pitchers such as Yovanni Gallardo, Tommy Hanson, and most recently King Felix if anybody is looking to trade.
Another relevant pull: I believe this card is numbered to 100. I find that these Sandbergs just find a way to find me. I have nothing against Ryne Sandberg, but just never really got into the cubs. Once cursed team is my limit, and perhaps this little piece is the ticket to get the Cubs over the top, so feel free to contact me if interested.
I leave you with this: He should keep Sam Houston in line...

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