Friday, June 19, 2009

Home Run?

A pretty quiet evening around here, but I thought I would drop a quick blog on a little anomoly I noticed after stopping at the store and picking up a few packs of Bowman. Why I keep snagging Bowman I have no idea since it has never hit on anything but Yankees, but I needed some binder slips anyways, so I grabbed a few packs. Nothing really groundbreaking (big surprise), but I did notice this odd little card of Cincinnati Pitcher Edison Volquez. I really like the Cincy young pitchers, but was completely puzzled by their choice of photos... It appears Mr. Volquez is quite savvy with...THE BAT? Hmm, I will need to research how many pitcher/batting photos are out there. You can just tell by the stance and the A-Rod bit lip, that the ball ain't going anywhere but the catchers glove.

1 comment:

  1. I always like it when they show AL pitchers with bats...I think I have an early 90's Dan Plesac card with him in a batting stance.