Sunday, June 21, 2009

An error of absolutely no significance?

Well at least at midnight is seems pretty funny. So I continue to bide my time waiting for brown envelopes to arrive and for the release of A&G, so in the meantime I need to keep the hobby shop owner in business, so I have been snagging more Bowman 2009 packets. For the most part these are generally not exciting to me, and I really have pulled nothing of significance, but I figure that I will store away all the prospect and rookie cards and see what shakes out over the next several years. BTW, many of the prospects in todays batch are Twins, if Crackin Wax is listening...oh and also a nice gold Magglio for Grand Cards if you want.

Anyways, yesterday I stumbled on the great batting photo of pitching phenom Edison Volquez...well tonight think I one upped it with this great Bowman classic...

Note that this Ervin Santana card has Johan Santana's signature on it. Whoops. I checked around the internet and nobody really seemed to notice or care, I checked ebay and while many of these were posted for bidding, only one person seemed to notice the wrong signature, but clearly the bidders did not care, as the bid stood at a whopping .99 cents. I am new to this hobby and remember error cards in my youth. While I would certainly consider this an error, my guess is that this kind of stuff happens all the time?

In other news, since I have not really heard a peep about my two extra WBC redemption cards, I decided to enter them into the Topps redemption system, only to see that one of the cards does not have a code on the back of it to enter. Hmm...anybody else have this problem? I am going to mail it in...who knows, maybe this is a special little card, or maybe (and more likely) I will receive nothing at all from Topps for it.

Lastly, I did receive a call from the hobby shop today. Seems another collector left a small packet of commons that went towards completing my second base set. I have MOST of series one complete (minus 4 cards) and have about 28 left on series 2 if you can help me out.

Happy Fathers day to all of you dads out there. This is my first and so far JD is rewarding me with a full night sleep.


  1. actually, it's not an error. Ervin's name at birth WAS Johan Ramon Santana - he changed it because there was already another pitcher (whom you may have heard of) named Johan Santana. Bowman uses signatures from a player's first topps contract on their card - hence, that is why you see what you see.

  2. Fascinating info thank you.
    Thought I had an error card.