Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mission: Educational!

So if you scroll down the page a bit on the right tool bar, you may notice that a new magical want list has suddenly appeared. This want list is for the SP Legendary Cuts SP's #101-200. I have really been sucked into this set (as you may see by the duplicates I have for trade). I think these cards are masterfully made and all are exceptional looking cards, but my reasons for wanting the whole set go beyond the quality.

When I think about my son growing up and into the hobby, I want to be able to show him the cards we have gathered so far. This set is fantastic in that it not only covers todays premiere players, but the short prints cover great players from the past, and also great people of historical significance. I thought what a great set to get Jacoby interested in current, past, and history.

I know that this is going to be a difficult, but doable task to gather these cards and I may need the help of ebay to achieve it, but I am also reaching out to the blog community as well. Please take a moment to scroll down the side and see if you might be able to help me bring a little Davey Crockett and Abraham Lincoln into JD's world!




  1. Not Trying to spam, but I just saw your post, about you trying to put the SP Legendary Cuts. I opened up a half case, and have 19 of them up on ebay now as a lot. I may decide to take on another half case, so I'll keep you in mind before putting on ebay next time, here's a link to the auction if you're interested:


  2. sounds good, I'll take a look at your post and also look forward to your help if you for for that other half case (jealous!)