Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Hunt Begins

Sporadically I will update you on my progress towards completing the 2009 Legendary Cuts series. I find this product pretty fascinating and as I am slowly discovering that I am a series collector kind of guy, this is one that I definitely want to finish and keep in my permanent collection. My search will take place via eBay (somebody wrote about another site that seemed more reasonable on pricing and shipping but I cant remember it) and hopefully through some trades with you guys. Please keep an eye on my wish list on the side bar of the blog, and also check out the available list for base set 1-100 singles if you have a favorite player that you would like me to send you.

Okay, so now to my first SP purchase on EBay....actually back up a second. Have any of you seen what the cut signatures are going for on EBay? How come I never pull on of THOSE? Actually I see that the prices are sell now prices, so I am a bit skeptical on whether or not the seller actually ever sees that amount. There is one up there for Comisky that the guy is asking $75,000 for!

Anyways, that is a side tangent. So I went on eBay last night and searched for lots of SP's. I found a lot of 4 that had no bids and were spaced a minute apart. I nailed the first 3, but SOMEBODY outbid me by a nickle for Reggie Jackson. So here is what I snagged..

George Washington. The first President, the $1 bill, the guy you can track on the Internet to see where he has been (something I would rather not know). The guy (as Slater points out in Dazed and Confused) that grew marijuana on his farm. Also credited with introducing the mule to the US, and had the shortest inaugural address at 135 words.

Bill "Maz" Mazeroski (2B) is known more for his defensive prowess, earning eight gold gloves in his career. While only batting a paltry career .260/.299/.367, he did have a remarkable .983 career fielding percentage. Must have had stickum in that glove.

"Et tu, Brute"? Caesar got it stuck to him....23 times stabbed by his own Senate members. While a tragic ending, Caesar did leave us with a variety of tasty salad dressings, MANY movies about his life, and me one card closer to completing this set. Oh, did I forget to mention the grand palace in Las Vegas that Caesar did NOT live at, and also originator of the toga party.

So my EBay experience is dependant upon the shipping costs, and while the seller indicated that he would package shipping costs together, my pay pal balance would beg to differ. I will keep an eye to see if any of this is credited back once discovered that I purchased multiples on the same day.

Stay tuned for more updates on my chase for the cuts!

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  1. is a good place to find singles, too! That's probably the site you're thinking of.