Sunday, June 21, 2009

Honorary Mention

Happy Fathers Day from JD and me!

In an effort to bolster the chances of completing my Turkey Red Hunt, I want to open up my Ring of Honor Series as available for trade. For those of you looking for a piece of memorabilia from your favorite world series team, please take a moment to click on the "available for trade tab" to see what I have available.

A little later this week I will be posting up some 2009 SP Legendary Cuts base 1-100 cards. I have quite a few doubles and once I inventory these, I will post them up as well for trade. These are really fantastic looking cards, so if you have a favorite player, stay tuned over the next couple days to see who is available and I would be happy to send them your direction!

As for wants, I would also love to complete the career legends series of the Topps 2009 set, so please take a moment to look over my want list to see if you can help me out. I am really hoping to wrap up a lot of these prior to the release of A&G next month so I can focus on those. From the results of my poll so far, response looks positive towards these sets, so I am hoping for a pretty strong network for us to trade across!

Just a couple of administrative mentions...As I become a blog post-a-maniac, I am starting to find it more difficult to spot new comments on older posts. So if you happen to dive further back into the blog and have a specific question or a trade need or offer, can you please send me an email at, as I definitely am checking my email frequently throughout the day.

Also just a personal request that always get a bit nervous with USPS, as it has bitten me in the past. If you happen to receive an envelope from me, can you please email me and let me know it came okay? Not looking for any blog props, just want to make sure you are getting your merchandise and it arrives in good condition.

Thanks guys, and again Happy Fathers day to all, and for you youngins out there...stay off drugs!

We will return to regularly scheduled blogs tomorrow!

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