Monday, June 22, 2009

A Decidedly Red Sox Weekend

I have marveled at my amazing ability to pull GU's and Autographs of either Cubs, Yankees, or Twins (I actually pulled an Ian Kennedy auto from SP legendary cuts yesterday), but have always had trouble gathering anything Red Sox related. When you like the Sox you have to work your magic quick on the blogs or the cards vanish quick!

I decided to turn the tides a bit and went to Upper Deck yesterday to try out my "mystery discount" card. After a major pain just getting signed up for the site, it turns out that my coupon did not qualify for my purchase...what a shocker! I now use these cards as filing spacers for my box of team randoms!

Anyways, I decided to go ahead and purchase the UD 2007 World Series Commemorative Red Sox set for $9.99

Does it eliminate the thrill of the hunt? Yes, but I still have my quest to find as many 2004 (so I imagine the 2005 cards is where they would be) memorabilia from my favorite WS team. Hell, they should just make a 50 card commemorative set from the ALCS and I would be happy!

I also finally got lucky with a GU card when I pulled: Numbered to 50 and with the left field pole named in his honor, I am thrilled to have Carlton in my permanent stash. I also pulled a generations card with him and another player, but that card is currently on its way to said other players favorite collector...nuff said.

I guess the only other "big pull" was a Varitek 20th anniversary UD card. Those cards are terrible and there must be well over 2000 in the series, but at least it was a Sox. If you guys happen to bump into any swatches or sigs, let me know and I will do my best to make you a fair trade offer!

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