Saturday, June 27, 2009

Post #49! Top 11 List.

Well, I have been at collecting for just over a month and it is had to believe how many highs, lows, elation, and disappointments that I have experienced as I jump head-first back into collecting. I have never been a traditional dozen roses kind of guy, so I thought I would celebrate my 49th post with a top 11 of my favorite cards that I have collected thus far.

#1 Jackie Robinson SP from Topps 2009 Series 1.
How Obtained: Pulled from a hobby box
I remember being beside myself pulling this SP. Of everything I have collected thus far, nothing has been nearly as fun as the Topps set, as it continued to surprise with its wide variety of inserts. The best part about these short prints is that they do not necessarily fall after the center barrier card, so it is a nice surprise when you find these. My first official SP was Ryne Sandberg, who found his way to a proper home.

#2 Babe Ruth SP, 2009 Topps Series 1
How Obtained: Ebay
I simply could not envision a permanent collection piece that did not include this card. What a beautiful shot and I hope to find a few more Ruth's as the years go by. I feel fortunate to have jumped when I first saw this, because I have not seen any posted since.

#3 Jacoby Ellsbury Draft Pick Rookie Card, 2005 Topps Update
How Obtained: Purchased through Homerun Cards I had to have this Ellsbury card, as he is a staple favorite in this household, and namesake for my son.

#4 Roberto Clemente 1961 All-Star Patch
How Obtained: Target Series 1 Blaster
This card was the result of my mistake of purchasing an entire box of throwback series 1 as I thought I was finding an inexpensive way to complete my base set! As I casual opened up the packs and separated the few inserts, this payoff was at the bottom of box and immediately became one of my faves. The player, the colors, the history. This baby is a keeper

#5 Jason Varitek 2008 Upper Deck
How Obtained: Through Priceless Pursuit
Joe at Priceless Pursuit was more than happy to part with a great number of Red Sox cards after the 3rd consecutive sweep of the season. This card is just sweet as Varitek is a main reason why the Red Sox pitching is so successful, and he definitely earned that trophy.

#6 Ramon Hernandez, 2009 Topps
How Obtained: pulled from pack, received in trade, pulled from another pack
This card just cracks me up. It is really a classic card and very different from any card in this set...but I have traded it away 3 times! And it keeps coming back to me through other trades! There is ol Ramon, peeking at me through that mask. Book him.

#7 - Johnny Cueto Future Legends Auto, 2009 SP Legendary Cuts
How Obtained: Pulled from hobby box
I love young pitchers. I think there is a lot of great rising talent these days and I was thrilled to pull Johnny from a pack. He is technically my second auto pull, but this one that I will hang onto and watch carefully as cueto progresses throughout his career.
#8 Winston Churchill Upper Deck 2009
How obtained: Pack pull
This card was my first introduction to the weird, "non-baseball" insert. I found him odd at first, but have hung onto him in a Wilson from "Castaway" kinda way. I have never really filed this card anywhere in particular, yet I keep bumping into him. And look at me now, I am chancing Legendary Cuts Short Prints across the globe (let me know if you have some, hint!)

#9 Mark Derosa Silk print Topps 2009 Series 1
How Obtained: Hobby box pull
This pull was especially fun since I had already pulled the GU from this box, I did not expect much else to be left. While not necessarily a cub or derosa fan, This greenhorn has never seen a card quite like this

#10 Carlton Fisk Legendary Cuts Legendary GU
How Obtained: Hobby Box Pull
I have made a lot of comments that I pull nothing but Yankees and Twins, so this was a nice change of pace, a great player, a great design, and numbered to 50, cant really beat it. #11 Mitch Williams, 1987 Topps
How Obtained: Random stash from my Wifes Office
A co-worker brought in a ton of cards that her daughter had collected so my wife snagged me a good plastic bag full. Ah good ol Wild Thing in all his glory. This card is classy and he is kinda the unofficial mascot of the blog. If only this was his rookie, it would have been even better, as is, this is year 2.

Well, thats it for now, and I am sure with Allen and Ginter out next week, several new favorites will find a permanent place in our collection!

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