Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Admin Duties

I think that this is going to become a regular Sunday feature on the blog as it gives me a chance to run through a number of quick points without doing a posting for each. Consider it to be something of weekly newsletter of sorts. Without further ado...

  • Updates: I have updated my wants and available lists. There are still many gold parallels available and I have also added several new names to my SP Legendary Cuts base players available, so please take a look at the available link.

  • My want list is pretty slim at this point. I believe I have all the Topps base cards I need en route, so I am basically focused on obtaining Turkey Reds and SP Legendary Cuts 101-200 as well a four more base player cards. The list list located on my side bar.

  • In regards to joining efforts for the A&G code, I have received a lot of positive feedback on this, so it looks like a go. There is a bit of information we need to figure out though. My first question is: 1) do we need to submit the cards in the envelope when we crack the code or are we able to just scan the cards and mail them back and forth to one another? 2) does anybody know how many autograph subjects there are for the prize? If there are 15 subjects, but we have 20 guys gathering cards, then we have a slight mathematical division problem :) Anybody know how to gather this info?

  • I continue to wait to hear who the Triple-A all-stars are going to be for the game here in Portland in just over two weeks. As soon as I hear I will post the names and if you email me a card, I will try MY BEST to get an auto, but obviously no promises on that, but I will try. Stay tuned for names.

I think that is it. Just want to say thanks for continuing to support JD and my site and here is to continued trading!

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