Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two Awesomely Bad Experiences, One Evening

Yesterday afternoon I picked up my son, popped home and flipped on the Red Sox game for a couple of innings while I waiting for Grandma to come watch the kid while I take my wife out to sushi and Transformers.

Around 5:15 (pacific) Jacoby Ellsbury hit his fourth homer of of the year, John Smoltz is just cruising along (man, his breaking ball is just sick) and the Sox are up 5-0. I actually remember saying to my mom when she showed up "let me switch the channel for you since you probably dont want to watch baseball, and besides everything is already well in hand here".

So I go to pick up the wife, we have a nice sushi train dinner and head to the theatre. Now keep in mind we had seen all of the reviews and were told two alarming things up front...."turn off the brain", and "approach it as if you are 14 years old"...uh oh.

So without further ado, my completely unqualified review of

Alright, so I like the first movie, it was not exactly a thinking mans movie, but its Transformers for petes sake. It was like Pirates of the Caribbean. You go into it thinking it is going to be Cutthroat Island awful, and are surprised at just how much fun it was. Transformers did the same thing for me, plus it is just jaw-dropping on Blu-Ray.

Now I am always wary of sequels, and I have pretty much written off the "Pirates" sequels as overloaded, long, and a bit dissapointing. Transformers 2 falls in that same category, especially in the LONG department. 2 1/2 hours. It is pretty bad when I am checking my watch to see how much is left. When I see a movie that long, it had better be pretty captivating and hold my attention.

Plot holes are pretty much throughout. My wife has always had a knack for finding scenes on tv and movies where something is missing from one shot to the next...bad splicing. So she had a heyday with this one. For me the entire last half of the movie (in Egypt) really suffered from lousy editing, writing and logic. Dont' misundertand though, the special effects are top-notch and the robot fights are phenominal, BUT after a billion of these you really stop to care...and there is still 45 minutes to go! (plot check point for those who have seen the flick...why give coordinates for a Optimus drop point that is several miles away from our heros??) Anyways, before continuing to ramble, just let it be said that proceed to this movie with caution. The movie is without a doubt a loud, eye-popping spectacle, but just feels forced, all the way up the the Linkin Park credits song.

So that experience in the can, my wife and I head home. Apparently Jacoby had a bad bottle of milk or something because he pretty much cried the whole time we were gone and Grandma looked worn out. He was so tired that he slept though the night though...SWEET!

Before going to bed, I flipped on ESPN to see the debocle of the great Red Sox collapse. 10 runs in two innings?? Apparently there was a rain delay and fortunes turned on a dime. It happens in baseball, but ESPN played it up like it sliced bread had just been invented. Yeah it is the biggest comeback in the history of the game (is it really?) but it happens. It happened in Cleveland a couple years back (well, 2001) against Seattle, twice in one year. Apparently though, ESPN's giddiness did not resonate with the rest of the media, as I scoured the Internet for dejected Red Sox photos and stories. This is about all I could find

I guess Okee looks a BIT dejected as he hand the ball off. I even went to the New York Daily News fully expecting several pages of humiliating stories on Boston...nada. Just another game and the Sox will come back out swinging today.

So, overall I guess you could say I am glad I did not witness the collapse of the Red Sox, but had to grind through Transformers to do it? It's a toss up! Oh, and my right headlight is burnt out also. Is the weekend here yet?


  1. Surely it will be featured on some baseball card highlight next season, at which point Magua must collect all cards, put cards under knife, and wipe seed from earth forever....except for one card, of course. Just like the all-spark AKA "sequel producer"