Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mid-Week Admin Duties

Hi Everybody,

I broke a few packs last night and I have some cards that I want to upload in a little bit, but there are a few action items that I want to throw out there this morning for you all to see....

1) Thanks to my love of Topps 2009 Flagship, I was able to hand-collate two complete base sets of this series. I am keeping one, but I would like to offer up the second for trade, if anybody has a creative solution in mind. Each card 1-660 is safe in penny sleeve and is includes numerous rookie cards including David Price and Mat Gamel. An ultimate trade would be for a factory-sealed hobby box of something for the set, but all options are welcome! Email .

2) associated with above, I still have about 150 common base cards available for Topps 2009 both series. Send me your updated wants list and I will ship em out to you. Trying to clear off the china hutch of boxes before A&G (Apparently they have bought me another week...sigh).

3) I also have about 60 random o pee chee cards (CORRECTION, I have about 60 Topps Heritage...the ones with the crappy gum) and that accidental throwback blaster set of topps series 1 that are available to you.

4). Scanner-- okay, so I am growing tired of my horrible photos of cards received or searching web images to find cards. Its time consuming and I would rather just scan them in. I am wondering what you all use for a scanner. I just want something inexpensive that does decent quality, that is not frickin huge, and can handle Vista. Suggestions?

5). Anybody happen to find out how many Framed Autographed Subjects are involved in A&G. What I envision is setting up a sign up list for as many people as there are auto cards, then if we hit the jackpot, we can use Random.Org to split up the bounty. Need to know how many we are talking about though as there seems to be a fair amount of interest in doing this, according to the poll.

Thanks guys, I'll have some cards up in a bit (gotta search for them online..grrr.)


  1. I just updated my Topps '09 Series 2 want list ( if you happen to have any that I still need it'd be much appreciated!

  2. okay, I copied down your needs for topps 2009 series 2 and also for 2009 Heritage. I need an email address to contact you. send me an email and we'll work out something.

  3. There should be 59 Framed Auto cards. I got this from a spreadsheet that I found over at BlowOutCards.

  4. 59? WOW, that is quite the load if this is accurate. More for everybody!

  5. I'm not at home but our scanner is an HP, scanner/copier/printer combo and I think it works just fine (I can nearly everything pictured on my site, for an example).

    I realize that this is no help whatsoever, so I'll get you the model number next week when I'm back. It works with Vista, too, as that's what OS I'm on.