Saturday, October 3, 2009

I have a few days of mail to catch up on and share with you. This captstone has me by the chicarones, but I am determined to still get in a little cards R & R wherever I can. Your Google fact of the day... one of Googles risks that it lists in its annual report is its fear of losing its trademark name "Google" because Google is synonymous with search, and is often used in verb form. Think of kleenex, saran wrap, and scotch tape. Those are all name brands but have lost trademark because of their common name.

Anyways, I want to start off with a post from Beardy!

Every time I pick up an old card, chills kinda hit me. I cannot say the number of times I hold a 50 year old card in my hand and actually say to my wife "I have a 50 year old piece of cardboard in my hand". She just shrugs and goes on her way.

I think what makes these two cards even cooler is the fact that I have been knee deep in their 2008 counterparts for the last couple of months, that it makes it way cool to see the real deal. Even cooler on these cards? Check out the backs!
Yeah, they look just like the backs of 2008 Heritage, but what I love about these particular backs is that the descriptive text is somewhat of a crystal ball or swami of sorts, boldly predicting how the player will do this season. All of the 2008 Heritage tell you what a player has done, these (at least the two cards) predict what a player will DO. Look out, Brandon Lang.

Beardy also came through with amazing form by sending me the three final prints needed to complete my 2009 Topps Chrome set. DONE! After all, I am a set collector, it is my MO. These cards irritate me slightly (the set I mean) in that when you put them all together collated in a box, some of them have a bit of a curl to them, so they don't all look nice and straight and smooth looking. It almost looks like somebody spilled a glass of what at some point, or left the box baking in the sun. It might be a good idea to get some binder sleeves to store these in instead.

But Beardy was not done yet. The piece de resistance of the package was this fantastic Yaz jersey. I now have a nice relic to go with a Fisk relic I pulled over the summer. The two can keep each other company. I really appreciate this card a ton and it will be well displayed in the Red Sox wing for years to come.

And last, but definitely not least, my vote for MVP in the AL, Mr Jason Bay. Go look at his numbers, you'll see what I mean.
Thanks again Beardy. Joe, you are on Deck, and Troll you are in the hole.

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