Thursday, October 1, 2009

Straight to the Hits!

Okay, so the comments have been tailing off so I will not inundate you with another clump of base card Goodwin Images tonight. I still have a lot of these babies to open up, but for now i'll just file away what I have and give you want you want...the Hits!

So these are the last two hits of my first two Goodwin boxes. To review I have pulled a Lowrie auto, a King Felix relic, a Cole Hamels relic and a Carlos Lee Relic. Mathematically there are still a relic and auto to go! What were they?

Big Z! This relic has a bit of extra pep over the others with the blue fabric and the ferocious looking bear in the upper-right hand corner.

The auto?
Jeremy Bloom auto! Woo......who? Okay, so it is mostly disappointing to pull a non-baseball autograph, but thats what you get when you rip a product like Goodwin Champions. I can actually find some merit in this card. Firstly, check out that bodacious signature. That thing is wicked looking.
Secondly. Lets say that Jeremy Bloom competes in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in February, and wins 7 gold medals, well then suddenly this card is looking pretty darn good eh? I dunno. I dig it though.
So there you go! I have some more Goodwin to start ripping, but I will basically stick to the highlights and interesting cards and try to throw in some different material as we get headed into the playoffs! Go Sox.


  1. Jeremy Bloom is cool. I remember when he played football at Colorado. He was an occasional receiver I think and he excelled at punt/kick returns if I remember right. Anyway, the NCAA found that he compromised his amateur status by taking endorsement money as a skier. Kind of messed up to me. I remember him vividly returning a kick against my team in a conference championship game a few years back. Really fun to watch.

  2. They really put the emphasis on the Big in the Big Z in that Zambrano card. I agree with Jeremy in the fact that Bloom really did get screwed by the NCAA, he did get a shot at the NFL though (I believe with the Eagles)but that didn't work out so well. Keep up the great work.