Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Goodwin Highlights

Well, I finished up the first section of my Capstone paper this evening. I am learning more about Google than you can shake a stick at and I will occasionally throw a little nugget at you to make your head spin. Today's nugget is that the head base for Google is in Mountain View, California, and the workings lovingly refer to it as the "Googleplex". Now I know that employers will go out of their way to make a work environment look fun, but this place looks insanely fun with all sorts of perks and benefits and things like bicycles and electric scooters for you to use to make your way around the campus. And when is the last time you ever heard somebody quit Google. It must be cool.

Anyways, finished up early, so I am throwing up some more "best of" scans of my first two boxes. I am saving the autograph and relic for later, but in the meantime here are a few images... Clayton Kershaw (AKA Matt Damon). Defititely on the short list of future Phenom inductees.

Ryan Ludwick - Nothing to shout about here, but this in one of those close up shots that look really terrific with the rich colors and shadown details. Its like the gotee is coming right off the cardboard at you.

Here is a host of minis. Apparently the Ankiel and the Maybin are a couple of the exclusive mini variety in this set. You will note that I pulled yet another Francisco Liriano.

Here are some classic schmos.

More surfer dudes. I love the card on the right with the ragin surf. I have seen an autograph card on Ebay that I think I might try to snag. The other guy looks kinda like a tool.

There are current Presidents...

and former Presidents (and mini-former Presidents)

And I leave you today with a few classic mini's, of which I would have to say that Palmer card is my favorite.

STILL more to come soon. I am going to make you so sick of Goodwin that you are going to wish that there was more Ginter posts to read!

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