Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goodwin 4-Pack Highlights

Over the next several posts I will be scanning the "best of" from my first two boxes of Goodwin. Remember that I also have two more "opened contents" boxes that I will be milling through, but I would have to believe that the guy that sold them to me didnt find anything spectacular, so I am not expecting a huge hit in the stack. I did glance in the box and find a couple Gypsy backs sitting there, but really I think the most I can hope for out of the set is a bunch of needed base cards and some short prints.

So help me figure out the checklist on this set, because I am a bit confused. It seems that the first 150 or so cards all have a base, mini, gypsy, foil, and magician available.

Then 150-200 have (I believe) just a regular sized SP available.

Then 201-252 (I believe) are strictly minis. Now I only have one card from the final 52 cards out of two boxes, so I am pretty nervous if Goodwin considers this to be part of the main set. Anybody know the answers to these questions? I am pretty sure that I am only of the few people actually crazy enough to try to collect the set.

Before I go forward though with the pictures though, I will say this...I added the Goodwin cards directly behind the Ginter cards in my binder. A quick flip between the two is all you really need to see how much Goodwin stands out, both with depth of color, shadow and variety. Just something I noticed....

So here is a fluffy cloud Curtis Granderson. I am now automatically drawn to cards with guys in shades, thanks to Joe. Brad Hawpe is also in here only to indicate that both of these cards are short prints. I also noticed that those Moon variety cards must be pretty dang rare, because I did not have a single on in the first two boxes.

There is absolutely no doubt why this card is plastered on all the ads for this product as well as the number 1 card in the set, it is an absolutely stunning Griffey card. This is the mini Griffey. The base card has yet to manifest itself.

Lebron James mini. The great Shaq-Lebron experiment starts soon.

President Johnson, Matt Cain (phenom inductee) in shades, and some marathon runner that I believe has won the New York Marathon and Boston Marathon either 4 times each or total. Either is impressive.

Yay! Jacoby Ellsbury mini SP. This is the one card that I was talking about where I don't believe an actual full-sized base card exists. Again, the depth, color and shadow are really spectacular on some of these cards. I think when all is said and done, I will do a "best of" post for the best Goodwin cards, because there are some that clearly stand out above the rest (Brian Roberts, anyone)?

I like the old-school look to this Jay Bruce shot. Looks like something out of Heritage. If you are lucky enough to find a Tiger card with a little Red Swatch at the bottom, that can fetch you around 70 bones. Any other relic will fetch you 1.25! Can you tell I am getting sick of relics?

I don't know who this Roberts fella is, but he supposedly played in the 50's and this particular card looks old. The we have Fonso. Maybe next year, kid.

That it for now. Much of my time is occupied learning all the ins and outs of our friends at Google. Did you know that nearly 1/3 of all Google searches in Japan come from mobile devices? Meditate on that for awhile.
I just wanted to say a quick thought in closing and have been trying to figure out how to say it for the last couple of days. I have noticed trends in blogging lately, including bloggers hanging up their keyboards and calling it quits, not just with blogging, but collecting as well. There seems to be a general theme that (me included) we are all going broke chasing ridiculous cards that only a very few will ever find. People then get stressed, and you can clearly see how it affects their perceptions of the hobby.
My only advice (that I also have taken) is to just keep things in perspective. Probably 98% of what we collect today will probably be worth 1/64th the value 20 years down the road. Collect what you like, be happy with what you have, don't spend beyond your means, enjoy writing, enjoy trading and the friendships that you form. HAVE FUN.
And above all else, make fun of all the people who do big box breaks on youtube and come up empty. Unless you are one of those people. Its not good to make fun of yourself...too often.

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  1. Well said, and I couldn't agree more with you. This hobby seems to be quickly be slipping outside the realm of fun for a lot of people.

    Blogging also should be considering nothing more than a hobby. Too many people get involved seeking fame and fortune and massive daily hits, but it doesn't happen! Card collectors are few and far between, and card bloggers are in even shorter supply.

    Keep the writing, collecting, and trading FUN and you will never grow tired of this wonderful hobby.