Friday, October 2, 2009

Why my Wife Rocks

Often times, when it comes to collecting baseball cards, my wife will roll her eyes. Often times she will tell me that I need to stop "playing" with my baseball cards and fold laundry. Occasionally a comment comes out about cards being "everywhere" (which occasionally, I have to agree, it's almost as if the cards are reproducing themselves while we sleep, kinda like spilling water on Magui.

But on this particular occasion my wife came though like a champ and made me proud and happy.

You see (and this is going to sound pretty childish, but as collectors, you should understand), last week I ran into a local collector who had bought a couple of boxes of Goodwin Champions and realized that he had no time to chase the set, nor break up the contents and post them on eBay, so he offered me a prince of a deal and sold me all the contents, everything included, for a very generous price.

I went to the hobby shop, where he left the contents, and found one cardboard card box with everything in it, minis, retros, autos, relics. I made a special point not to look at the contents (especially the hits) because I had request for my wife.

You see, half (most) of the fun of collecting cards is the excitement of the pack rip. Not knowing what is in each pack, hoping for the big hit, etc. That being the case I had a request for my wife that I knew would get a major eye roll. If I saved the wrappers from my two boxes of Goodwin, would she be willing to repack the other two boxes, scramble up the cards, a dash of base, a dash of mini, an occasional hit? Knowing that I would be insanely busy with school and that it also would keep me from having the urge to run to the card shop to buy some wax, she agreed.

Low and behold the other night she comes into the room as I am finishing up my schoolwork and presents me with two boxes, loaded with unwrapped Goodwin packs! 18 in each box! I guess some of them are jumbo packs!

I know that this sounds silly, but instead of just tearing though a box of material and suddenly having nothing new to look at for the forseeable future, I now have two boxes of unopened potential thanks to my wonderful wife!


  1. Your a lucky man. Its a good thing when your wife is supportive. My best times are buying a hobby box and splitting it into two piles of 12 packs and having a rip-off contest with my wife. She always wins...

  2. Hahaha that's awesome. Me and my girlfriend actually had a chat about cards the other night, and she told me she is never buying them for me EVER. Not at christmas as stocking stuffers, not on birthdays, not if it's the only thing I ask for...never.

    Luckily, my dad was a big collector as a kid and loves to talk cards with me. So I can ask for stuff from my parents and get it that way instead hahaha.

  3. That was very nice of her. Make sure you return the gesture. Look forward to your post on the rips of your newly acquired packs.