Sunday, September 27, 2009

Guess what? I found a new way to stop spending money on cards? Do a capstone project! Who would have thought it. My school work is going to be constantly consuming me day and night and weekends as I balance a family, work, school and a hobby! Did I mention that I need to research a company also? Therefore, I still promise to continue to blog, but scanning in every card is going to have to go by the wayside for a bit until I have a free moment. I still want to give you the highlights of several more pack rips from yesterday...

Smarty Jones....the horse.

Memorabilia, Felix Hernandez! I have to say that thus far my memorabilia have been right on the money with a Lowrie Auto, and a Hamels Jersey. Yeah, I pulled the Carlos Lee, but Joe will find a way to make it turn into something more to my liking, so really it is all good!

This is my second citizens of the day card...Sitting Bull. He was a champion. You will notice that Custer did not make this set. Custer was not a champion.

Peyton Manning and that surfer Brah again. I think he is my favorite card...he just looks happy standing in front of that warm Hawaiian sunset. Hang loose.

Now didn't I just tell you that Liriano is EVERYWHERE? I also got a Price Rookie Card and very happy to see my first mini sox, Mr Pedroia.

Here are my scattered minis so far. I was really excited to buy the mini binder sleeves, but it turns out the ones that I bought are for the square minis, so either I got the wrong product, or the other does not exist yet (probably option #1). Note the Damon Gypsy mini.

and now the hit of the day that is part of the reason I love this set...

Foil Magician Vlad Guerrero, hand-numbered 8/8. There are obviously some more desirable names out there to pull one of these for, but you can't dispute the fact that there are only eight in existence, which is pretty darn cool. Unsure what I will do with this one yet, but it's one of the fun little surprises of this set that keep me looking forward to the next rip.
More to come!


  1. Wow, that foil magician is SWEET! I only ripped two packs of Goodwin before calling it quits. I didn't hate it, but I can't afford to chase it. It does look like there are some nice hits. I pulled a Cole Hammels in one of my packs which will be on its way to you as part of the phenoms collection. Should you pull a dupe of that Davy Price, please think of me!
    cheers! troll

  2. I still have a ton of packs to open up of this stuff, so I will definitely kick down Mr price as he comes up...unless he is a magician!

  3. Vladdy!! And Ryno with a 'stache. Whatta box. Even the King Felix jersey would be a keeper for me, since I decided to collect him immediately after sending you all but the two doubles of him I owned, lol.