Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Chase is On!

Tally Ho! Yesterday afternoon and started thinking about it, and decided that these cards are definitely worthy of a binder instead of being all locked away in a cardboard box. I cleared out an entire set of Topps 2008-2009 basketball cards to free up the sleeves. (By the way, that Topps Basketball Series is up for trade if you or your kid would like it. Even if you had a couple of fancy cards that you wanted to trade for it that would be fine because it is just sitting in the closet collecting dust at this point).

I also downloaded an excel spreadsheet of this series and its subsets. When I take that step, it is on like Donkey Kong, so I officially am announcing my chasing of the 2009 Goodwin Champions set.

I have had a few requests for some cards thus far, and I can tell you that at the moment I am just on the pull until I know what I have. I have 4 boxes to get through and so far have tackled a mere 17 packs of it. Without a doubt I will amass plenty of doubles before all is said and done and I would be more than happy to send them your direction.

Boxes 3 and 4 are a bit funny. Occasionally I get an email from a guy locally who purchases a lot of boxes. He impulsively bought two of these and had plans of gathering the set. I think once he busted them he realized the commitment it was going to take, and I don't think he pulled anything major to sell on eBay, so he offered me the entire two boxes, everything included, for half price. So while I don't expect a hit of a lifetime from the boxes, I still have two autos, 4 relics and lots of variety of minis coming, so I am pretty excited.

So while I am a ways away from knowing my availables and needs, here are a few more pack breaks to pass some time.
Akinori Iwamura - I really respect this guy. I like speed demons.

Pudge - If only they could have substituted him into his Rangers uniform, back home where he belongs.

Hideki Kuroda - The Dodgers have an impressive pitching staff, and Kuroda is a major part of that, but he gets injured in the same fashion as Dice-K. these WBC classics cause trouble.
Mike Schmidt - Always a welome sight, but his cards all look the same. Did he only have one playing card in his career?

Not worthy of a screen shot is Bucky F'ing Dent.

Albert Pujols - I was just thinking the other day how ridiculously hard it is to pull a Pujols card these days, and now I have one. I don't think the big huge bald cranium is a good look for him though. It reminds me too much of a certain other big huge bald cranium in San Francisco, though I pray that the similarities stop there.
And Jon Lester, one of my favorite Sox, though again this card looks like many other I have seen. It is nice to see the Sox represented again in the rips though. We hit a bit of a dry spell there.

Gordy Howe and Jose Reyes, yet another speed demon!

My rips have been very Cal Ripken-esque, and there is still more to come, but here is his base mini.

...and the very next pack offers me the Ripken Base full-size! I am a magician and a foil away from the quintella. Also nice to see a retrospective card again. I really missed those!

Michael Jordan Mini card! He truly does belong amongst the clouds.

Joe Mauer - I guess there is another player in Minnesota besides Francisco Liriano
Some Hockey Dude

Hey, is this the guy that broke the consecutive games played record? Cool.

And last but not least a Carlos Lee Jersey card. I have to admit, these are a bit plain unless the player is one that you really like. I am really starting to grow tired of the relics fad. I think the post over at Priceless Pursuit really drives the point home. Check out the youtube box break for Upper Deck Ballpark. It takes relics to a whole new extreme.
As for Carlos. I have a couple of his swatches now, including a then and now swatch of him as a White Sox and as and Astro as well as this card. I would like the to go to a good home if you would like to contact me!
More breaks later!


  1. That Lee card is sweet! You may remember a handful of my previous posts, but they feature cards of guys wearing sunglasses. There are few things in life that I splurge on and sunglasses are one of them. If you get an offer you can't refuse for it, take it! If not, set it aside for me!

    I already owe you one Sox relic, but I'll happily pass along two.

  2. IF you end up with any Sox doubles...

  3. When you figure out your needs, check out my post on Goodwin. All the cards except one from my ten packs are up for trade include the auto. Good luck with the set building!

  4. The more I see and get of Goodwin Champions, the more I like it. Yes the pack layout is sucktacular and greedy, but the cards themselves are hella sweet.