Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yankee Swap! Your Assist Needed!

Every now and again I go a little crazy and I throw down a twenty spot for a nice pack of guaranteed SOMETHING. My rationalle is that i would rather get something guaranteed than four or five chances of getting nothing and winding up with some unneeded base cards that sit in a box.

From previous posts you will see that I have had unusually good luck with Sweet Spot. I have pulled an Alexei Ramirez Rookie Auto, a couple auto's baseballs (although I am saying goodbye to one of them), and a pretty sweet Johan Santana patch. I have had dillusions of pulling my first Evan Longoria autograph from one of these boxes,and with that spirit in mind I grabbed a couple of boxes of these after five long hours at the library yesterday.

(side note on the has been years since I have been in one. Normally if I have ever wanted a book I either go to Costco, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon and just get my own copy. Basically I am just using the space to use my laptop, have internet access, and be away from chaos to write my paper. So yesterday I was a bit thrown off to see and hear people with crying babies, people talking on their cell phones, crazy people talking about killing cops or something looney, and a guy sitting a table behind me that was well versed in the art of belching. When did this start happening at our libraries)?

So here is my predicament. The pack break REALLY did not go as planned. There were two packs left in the box and my first assumption was that at least one of them would be an auto...WRONG. I received two swatches. Here is the deal. this first swatch is actually a Yankee Legacy swatch. You actually hope to get these because they are rare enough that they only fall one per case of Sweet Spot. This is the actually case hit and the first and only case hit I have ever received.

Where the problem lies is that it is NOT a Babe Ruth, NOT Joe DiMaggio, NOT even Derek Jeter, but here we have... Randy Johnson. The Big Unit. Now Randy is a future HOF for certain, but his tenure in New York was temultuous at best. Nevertheless, this is a case hit Yankee Stadium Relic. I am hoping somebody might be interested in bailing me out and accepting this relic for some relicy of a Red Sox or phenom in return. I can also sweeten the deal.

Here are a couple of the Yankee Legacy cards. Again, nothing earth shattering about these, but they do have the defunked Roger Clemens and the hero Derek Jeter.

The other box contained a dual relic. No autograph, and yes, yet another Yankee.

Again, nothing to write home about, but at least this one contains Papelbon, and at least there is a theme going here. Maybe some day when both Rivera and Papelbon are in the HOF, then this card will be worth something. I am happy with this pull, but just wanted to demonstrate how good I am at pulling Yankees!

But back to the Yankee Stadium Relic. Let me sweeten the deal a bit. I also have a couple Sweet Spot base cards of Phil Hughes and Mariano Rivera to throw into the pot. Sweet spot base are actually really nice cards, so if you collect Yankees, these are a nice little addition.
Is there anybody out there that will participate in the Yankee bailout plan?


  1. Too funny bro! Maybe you should just switch and collect Yankees

  2. I always wonder who the target is for card companies when they make a Pap/Rivera card. Most Rivera fans can't stand Pap, and more Papelbon fans are annoyed by Rivera. Who are the collectors that UD was going after?

  3. Somebody at UD was having a little giggle with that Papelbon/Rivera card. Seems they do that a lot...have a laugh at the collectors expense.

  4. I can't keep up with your Yankee pulls...

  5. I'd love to bail you out dude. I collect jeter hughes and rivera, so I think we could work something out for this lot of yankees. Good thing you sweetened the deal, because the big unit alone wasn't too enticing. shoot me an email at

  6. wow, I just realized how old this post was lol. Do you still have these cards or are they long gone?