Thursday, October 8, 2009

watchin, waitin, wishin....

Sorry folks, no shiny images to share with you this time around. Truth is that I have not scanned a darn thing for several days. I did the Library thing on Monday (home in time for Big Bang Theory, of course....Bazanga!), did the Doctor thing/innings 9-12 of the playoff game on Tuesday...oh wait I guess I opened up some TTS also. Whoops. Gotta love sedation! Then on Wednesday I celebrated my 3rd anniversary with the wife will Grandma took care of the squirt.

So I have not really ripped anything new to discuss in the last couple days. There are still lots of things to talk about though. The Red Sox begin their playoff run tonight. After a shaky couple of weeks, the Red Sox finished up strong and had a pretty dominating September. The bats are looking good and the Sox have a legitimate 4-man rotation to get them through. Of course Divisional series are always a bit wacky and AGAIN the Sox open up on the road in LA, but we know how history goes there. My guess is that if Boston jumps on them tonight, LA will once again go into panic mode. We'll know soon.

The other cool thing about playoff baseball is that the games are so long and slow that I can justify sitting at my laptop and doing schoolwork while watching the game. You simply could not make it work during a football or basketball game, but baseball? No problem!

I am also pushing to get my work done quickly this week because the wife and I are headed to Seattle to go get some seafood and check out the Seahawks this weekend. They look terrible this year. They have once again committed to a dinged up quarterback, aging wide receivers, and a terrible offensive line. Walter Jones is he is about 80 years old now. I honestly don't know how long the Seahawks figured he could maintain his dominance. And if the Seahawks wear those god-awful green jerseys again, it could make for a long afternoon. Nothing beats live NFL though.

Oh yeah, cards...well, I am at a bit of a crossroads here. Consider this a "choose your own adventure". Where do you want me to take the blog? Do you want to see some postings of available Goodwin Minis and work some deals? Most mini's and all base dups are up for trade. still dont really give a rip about minis, ALTHOUGH the one mini I am seeking is a VLAD GUERRERO Foil which would give me every one of his cards in the series (does he have an auto card too? I must haves it so I can line them all up like some big dreadlocked family. Do YOU have either the auto or the foil?

Anyways, if you guys want to see that stuff, just let me know. I know I slammed you with Goodwin for weeks and probably cost myself some readers in the process.

I also have a stack of TTS that I can scan for you. These are awesomely bad, and a good review is harder to find than a Chipper Jones Goodwin card! I will scan some more though if you wish.

Maybe revisit some of the best and worst cards of Topps 2009? Bad is obviously more fun, but there are some nice cards in the set.



  1. I agree, bring on the Goodwin but mainly because I won't be buying any - so I can live vicariously through you.

  2. Post the Goodwin goods...but I don't care what you post, I'll read it!

  3. TTS! TTS! TTS!

    And Big Bang Theory is hilarious. I can't convince anyone I know to give the CBS Monday shows a chance...

  4. Death to "Accidently on Purpose" though, that show is terrible.

  5. Agreed. Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother are arguably funnier than NBC's Thursday night shows. The Office has been lame this year. Yeah, I said it.