Thursday, October 8, 2009

A tribute to Kevin Youkilis

Since umpires clearly hate Kevin Youkilis, with not one, but two lousy calls, I thought I would show a Youk a little love...

Moonman Youk. I am actually disappointed how much detail the scanner picked up on this. To the naked eye, Youkilis appears to be flying through nothingness in this Wal-Mart Exclusive.

ToppsTown Youk. Bring Youk to life and watch him proceed to destroy your living room and sweat all over the place.

pre-bearded Youk - Nope, I like my Red Sox bearded and grizzled, ala Caveman Johnny.

"Who, Me?" Youk - saw this face a couple of times tonight as Youk got screwed on a runner tag off the first base line on an errant throw from Gonzales, and again on a high throw from Lowell in which Youkilis CLEARLY landed on the bag before the runner touched the base. RIP OFF. These plays turned out to be non-impacting on the scoreboard, but mr. first base umpire man, for shame!

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