Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodwin Updates

Well, I have been busting through the wife's repacks fairly quickly over the weekend. I basically realize that I don't have a lot of extra time past school right now, so I would rather spend my efforts trying to complete the set through trades...which I cannot do until I know what I have and what I need. I will give you the major highlights of the pack rips...I have unearthed my final two auto cards and three of the four relics so far...

UPDATE: Ripped them all. Just want to be done with cards and boxes laying around. Becoming a bit dischanted with worthless relics and autos and loads of minis spilling out through every crack, so wrapping up Goodwin rips and will next go on to the trading phase once I get my needs posted. Here are the hits...with an extra surprise.

Another Jeremy Bloom Autograph! I really am hoping this guy goes bananas in Vancouver, because I now have two of these. It's still a pretty sweet card if somebody wants to do a auto swap.

I don't even care enough to look up any information on this guy. His autograph is pretty odd though, it almost looks upside down...

Wait a tick...whats this? A third auto?? How in blazes did a third auto get in two boxes. Defied the odds! Its too bad that it is James Shields, but of the three that I received, this one is the coolest by far.

Here are the relics...

Phil Hughes! A Yankee relic. What a suprise!

Prince Fielder! This is actually pretty cool because of the added texture to the material.

Travis Hafner! Cool deal. If only he was already in Red Sox gear.
Mike Schmidt. A HOF relic!

Another anomoly....I also received a Vlad Guerrero relic! So basically there was an extra auto and and extra relic within the two boxes. Loaded!
There was also a bunch of mini craziness, I have several of the set exclusives, even gypsy variations. The most notable of all though is that I am one foil vlad away from having one of each of his cards. I have the base, regular mini, gypsy backed mini, and the magician mini #8/8, and a relic to boot. Now all I need to locate is a foil mini and then I can line them all up on the scanner and feel special!
One more tiny hit that I received in the second set of boxes was this night variation of Tiger. Apparently Tigers are nocturnal (ba da bum).


  1. That Purcey auto is pathetic. I don't care how many times you have to sign your name, you should act like you care! Take a hint from a great like Bob Feller who writes legibly. Nice number of hits though and I really like that Schmidt relic..always nice to pull a HOFer.

  2. I really don't think there is a reasonable looking signature in this set. I think everybody was forced to sign with their opposite hand.