Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Topps Chrome Tuesday

Monday was a sad day. I stared into a deep, dark mailbox, completely void of any brown envelopes or WBC Topps Redemptions (4-6 weeks...seriously??).
My brother-in-law did make good on his little side wager that I would not come back and beat my dad at the annual family Texas Hold-Em tournament. I was outchipped about 4-1, but hit two freaking straight flushes (only the 3rd of my lifetime) and caught the River for the knockout. I earned that side-bet!

Today is going to be WAY different. The Heritage need list is lit up like a Christmas tree thanks to the generosity of my readers.

You guys are fantastic, and I have your trade packages flying out the door as quickly as I can! Today Jeremy, Mr Mets himself, yours is headed out the door! Fan of Reds, I have yours here and ready to go, but need your addy!

Also waiting for me on the porch this afternoon will be three boxes of these beauties! I noticed a box break summary of four boxes over at Wax Heaven completed about 86% of the set, so I will most likely end up a bit short on this and have some doubles if any of you will be looking to trade.
When I searched on Ebay for the Topps Chrome image above, I was very surprised to see the card below...

This is great! Is the Pres part of the base set or is Topps doing some SP Parallels again? I would love to pull this card or trade for it if any of you happen to stumble across it. As I mentioned yesterday, I will probably be doing a slow-burn on the pack rips as I am trying to pace myself on pack rips and save up for Updates and Highlights. I will be happy to share all of my results with you!

Not really much else to say at this point. I am pretty much in purgatory with cards until the waves come crashing in this evening and I can start filling up that Heritage box. Thanks again for contributing to my project and let me know if there is every anything I can do for you!

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  1. Email sent - I'll knock off most of your remaining Ginter needs for sure.