Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Heritage Love and a Rip Card!

This weekend has been an extremely busy weekend, as a ton of Heritage 2009 cards have arrived in the mail. I have been to the card store twice seeking penny sleeves and am finding that even a 660 count box is not going to be big enough to hold 550 sleeved cards. I have also updated my needs list and will soon be posting a duplicates available for trade! I would like to take a moment to thank those who have sent me packages in the last couple days!

Lets start with that rip card! Priceless Pursuit sent me up a few Red Sox cards that I rescued from being round-filed by Joe. Also included in this package was a rather mysterious envelope!

The suspense was overwhelming! To rip or not to rip? Could this be an ultra rare 2009 Heritage SP of Babe Ruth? I HAD to rip it open!
AH! Carl Crawford. One of the many Tampa Bay Rays who ripped my heart out of my chest in game 7 of the ALCS last season. A rare card indeed. This one almost went straight to the Jacoby shredding machine, BUT it is a card off of my need list, so Carl was given a stay of execution. Joe and I also have a little TTM project we are working on together, but I am going to hold off on blogging about that until I know if it works out or not! Joe is also at the Chargers and Seahawks tonight. Last I saw, Seattle was laying it on them, but after all, its just preseason.
The next package came from Ed at Roll Out the Barrel. Ed sent a very generous package of nearly 100 Heritage prints for my project. I really enjoy reading Ed's blog because I am a bit of a Brewer supporter on the National League side of the equation. I am a big fan of Yovani and Ryan Braun (whom I consider the heir apparent to the home run record some day). I also love watching that mascot shoot down the slide, as well as the occasional sausage race. Good, fun team to watch. Ed, I sent you some Ryan Braun cards and the good news is that I am already getting some Chrome duplicates that are all yours! Thanks again for helping out the project.
Next up is Chris Reed from Fan of Reds. Chris not only swooped in with nearly 75 Heritage base cards, but also found a way to knock out all but the three (maybe 4) remaining Allen and Ginter card needs! I am very excited to be THIS close to putting that base set to bed, so thank you very much, and you should have your Turkey Reds any day if you don't already. BTW, my wife says you were very resourceful with your packing technique. I'll leave it at that.

Then, I was excited to receive a package from the Collective Troll! I received the following note... okay! I can not really verify the validity of the "dog ate my homework" claim, but nevertheless, the cards came in (nearly 60) and the Bombshells battled the Rebels! Troll also included a new Ortiz for my Sox collection...

Thanks Troll, and thanks to everybody for continuing to make looking in the mailbox fun again. I hope you are all receiving your packages and enjoying the cards that I sent out as well!
Thats about it for tonight. A TON of stuff happened today that I am excited to share with you, including the results of my second box of Chrome, plus I also want to talk about my great random package as well as post available Heritage doubles. It has been a long day though, and all of these Red Sox losses are taking a toll on my energy, so good night for now!

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  1. Hey, you gotta pack with what you got...especially since I wanted those in the mail to you the next morning! Glad you got 'em.