Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Actual Chrome Break (for real this time)

I finally had a chance to sit down this evening and bust a few more packs. I really like the look of the 2009 Topps Chrome set, and have already pulled several refractors and an auto in the first six packs of the box. the Chrome is extra shiny and these definitely deserve a binder treatment. One thing I have noticed already is how prone to picking up fingerprints these cards are, so I am being extra careful and slipping them into penny sleeves before really looking closely at the cards. here is what I opened tonight...

George Sherrill
Jon Garland
Nick Swisher (yuck)
Grady Sizemore (when you angle the card he really jumps out at you)

Brian Roberts
Ramiro Pena (Yankee, but rookie at least)
Trevor Cahill (lost in Oakland obscurity)
Jason Bay!

David Wright
Daniel Murphy
Conor Jackson
Tim Lincecum (who is currently battling Tommy Hansen for most studly pitcher award)

here are the hits. the scanner obviously does not show the sparkle of these refractors, but they are quite the sight. My favorite is new Red Sox Victor Martinez Blue Refractor #132/199, RC James McDonald Refractor, and a nice looking auto (non-refractor) of Jason Jaramillo in his temporary Pirates uniform.

Cool product. Can't wait to bust a few more. Stay tuned!


  1. I love that Martinez card and how it captures a kid's hand as he reached for the ball! I've never seen something like that captured on a card before. Very nice!

  2. yeah, I noticed that also, if you turn the card just right you see a ghostly floating arm appear.