Monday, August 10, 2009

Mail Going Out!

Well, I have to say that it was a pretty successful weekend all around. Jacoby (and parents) survived the zoo on a weekend (I have a feeling that a lot of families are doing the back to school shopping so it was not TOO crowded). I still think night zoo would be cool though...turn out all the lights and make it pitch black except for a flashlight to guide you around. I would pay to do that!

Also made incredible headway in my organization project. I am literally down to one 330 count box of randoms to be sorted. Everything else is in its proper box, or in mini stacks waiting to be mailed out to you all.

By the way, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everybody for helping be knock out this Heritage project. The need board is starting to look more like a Keno board as many of the numbers are lighting up in red. There has been an incredible response from everybody, and this has been a blast!

Speaking of blasts, I am still quite pleased with my blaster from yesterday. It was not only that I defied odds on that Al Kaline card, but also that I estimate that 90-95% of the cards I pulled I needed for my set and were not already pending trades, so that is definitely money well spent.

So now the tables are set for Topps Chrome, which will be arriving tomorrow. I have three boxes of this coming and plan on doing a lot of blogs about the pack breaks. I am going to pace myself (my wife always rolls her eyes when I say that), because I want to slow down a bit and save up for the Updates and Highlights in a couple months. So in the coming weeks I plan more blogs on Chrome breaks, Heritage project updates, and the MASSIVE 150th post celebration. EPIC. Well probably not that epic. I think between organizing Heritage mail (checklists, doubles, taking them off the blog, etc) and organizing Chrome, that it should keep me sufficiently busy for now.

Okay, now the main topic- Mail Going Out! Thanks to my wifes brilliant idea of going to Office Depot, I am now stocked to the gills with brown envelopes sufficient for small packages. I also got a roll of bubble wrap. I think this will be way easier and cheaper than bubble mailers. I learn more each day! Most of you will be getting a brown envelope with a hard case on each end, enclosed in a toploader. I didnt use bubble wrap on most of these, so I definitely would like your feedback on how they arrive. They should be in good shape, but if something goes wrong, I want to know so I pack differently in the future.

Here are some packages going out today!

David - Canada
Jim -New Jersey
Marck - Florida
Justin - Florida
Jim - Minnesota
Wicked Ortega - Florida

I have some packages ready to roll, but pending address:

Chris - Redsfan
Nick Jacoby - Ginter Partner in Crime
Don - Arizona (got your address now)
Jeremy - Oklahoma (got your addr this morning) it will go out manana. And by the way, if THIS ONE does not get to you, then clearly your postman collects Mets.

If there is anybody else that I have talked about trading with that I have forgotten, please shoot me an email, and jog my memory. Thanks!

I think that is about it. Still looking for a taker for the O-Suck-Y cards that I posted about yesterday!

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