Thursday, August 13, 2009

Refractors A Plenty and More Heritage Love!

I came home last night to a couple more packages, well, actually two normal sized packages and one freakin ENORMOUS package that is deemed worthy of its own post over the weekend. My first package came from Jim from Minnesota! Jim answered the call for 2009 Heritage and came through nicely as I am able to cross a few more numbers off of my red list! The first card in the package threw me for a loop... WOW! My second TTM! Yes, this is my first official Jim signed Luis Rivera card. My guess is that it is a 1/1 and will go in the ring of honor in my collection. You will see also that he included a nice Mickey Mantle Longest Homerun card as well. A yankee, but a classic none-the-less. Thanks Jim!

The second package of the evening came from my "Ginter Code Champ Prize Purgatory" partner Nick Jacoby, as he and I both wait patiently (well, me not so much) to hear from Topps. Nick sent me a large stack of Heritage in what turns out to be a botched trade because he was looking for 08 Masterpieces and I have 07. Whoops. Lotta numbers to remember when it comes to collecting. I'll hit you back though with something soon Nick. BTW Nick is in Atlanta tonight and is going to be seeing the Phils and the Braves. No wasting good beer now, Nick!

Near the end of the evening I had the chance to crack open a few more packs of Topps Chrome. For there only being a few cards per pack, it has definitely been worth it regarding refractors. Base card refractors run 1:3 and WBC every 1:16, but only about 12 packs in I already have about 10 refractors, 3WBC. Either a really great box, or the rest are going to disappoint. Time will tell. Here are the refractors of the night, even though the scanner doesnt really work for refractors...

Matt Cain (which is perfect for my phenom collection, and WBC Akinori Iwamura. For obvious reasons Aki does not really fit my collecting needs, so if any of you Rays fans would like to make an offer (perhaps for a Red Sox refractor) let me know!

The last pack of the night could not have pleased me more though....

Ahhhhh, Ricky Romero RC Auto. Perfect for my phenom collection. Absolutely perfect. Even better? Its a refractor as well! Lovin this card! A great way to end the night.
This weekend the hunt continues for Obama and Tommy!


  1. I need any and all WBC cards you are willing to trade. I have a pile for phenom pitchers especially set aside for you.

  2. are you talking about for chrome, or for topps and bowman in general?

  3. I hardly have any from anything, so in general I guess. Chrome is the day though, so whatever is handy. :)