Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chrome Pack Break: Lunch Edition!

Last night did not ever really lend itself the opportunity to do a proper Topps Chrome break. The evening was filled with grocery shopping and Big Brother debochery, so I never had the chance to crack a couple of packs. I decided on my way out the door this morning to snag a couple and do a Chrome Break: Lunch Edition!

There are certain problems with being away from my scanner. I am pretty much at the mercy of the internet when it comes to finding images of the cards. Even more difficult is finding the images of cards from a brand new product line. Luckily I scoured the web and was able to find some reasonably similar renditions of the actual Chrome cards that I pulled. Below are the first 8 cards in my 1st 2009 Topps Chrome box. I am desperately hoping these packs include Obama and Tommy Hansen short prints! Lets see how we do...

Card #1 Jeremy Bonderman

Card #2 Chi-Hung Cheng Refractor! Wow, already hit my first refractor and as you can see it really shines!

Card #3 Pedro Martinez WBC - Its great to see Petey back on the mound for Philly tonight. Going to be nice to see those curls flowing in the wind once again! Hopefully his comeback is a bit more successful than Mr. Smoltz.

Card#4 Todd Helton

Card #5 - Brian Duensing RC - First rookie pull, no auto yet!

Card #6 - Barry Zito - This particular card is really well done, and really captures the emotion of the moment, most likely after actually striking out a batter.

Card #7 - Geoff Jenkins

Card #8 - George Posada - What pack pull is complete without a dreaded Yankee. It ain't easy being green....

More packs to come!

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