Saturday, August 15, 2009

Topps 2009 Chrome Review

When I first started collecting, I was very happy and relieved to find some nice blogger reviews of new products. From my first decision between Topps Flagship and Upper Deck Flagship, these blog review were very helpful in making a decision. As I continue to learn more about this hobby, I would like to start doing some reviews from a set-collector/greenhorn perspective.

My first review is Topps Chrome 2009. I picked up three boxes of Chrome at right around $55 dollars apiece, which is fairly reasonable considering some of the higher priced options currently out there. Each box contains 2 rookie autograph cards (some with variation) as well as a host of refractor, and refractor parallels. I will start with the results of the break:

Total cards: 24 packs x 4 cards per pack = 96 total cards per box
Base cards in series: 220

Base Cards Received: 75 (78% of box, 34% of base set)
WBC cards: 9 (3 refractors #rd/500, 1 refractor #rd/199)
Refractors: 13 (one blue #rd/199, on RC auto #rd/499)

Auto Cards: You are guaranteed two rookie card autos per pack. While the autos look like they are on a sticker, the autograph is actually right on the card and the sticker fade look actually blends nicely into the card. I was lucky to have the Romero auto also be a refractor version!

Base cards: Some of these cards pop more than others. These are identical to the Flagship set, but when going through this box, some of these FELT like new cards simply because the chrome process really brought out new details in the cards. As a set collector, receiving about a third of the base in this box seems about right...of course who knows what awaits me in the next two boxes. There were no duplicates in this box.

WBC: these cards are not exactly my cup of tea, but the addition of refractor variety made some of these cards look pretty nice. There are WBC collectors out there, so more likely than not these will find a new home soon. Again, the chrome process really brings out the best in some of these shots.

Inserts: At four cards a pack, I was not expecting miracles in insert sets. Nevertheless, I was pretty impressed with how many refractors were in this box. The odds state a base refractor at 1:3 and 1:16 for WBC refractors. I received 9 base (so right about 1:2.7) and 3 WBC refractors (1:8) so this box was definitely refractor heavy!
Overall: I have to say that the $55 price really is pretty reasonable considering the autos and refractors packed into this hobby box. There are still some short print surprises to be found including a Barack Obama SP, and also some gold and red refractors to chase, so there is still more potential out there.
In regards to the base set, I am just going to predict now that a 4th box is going to be needed to complete this set (if anything, to amass some doubles for trade value). I am definitely happy with this purchase!
Please let me know if you have any questions!

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