Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mail Day Thanks!

Well, Charlie Brown finally got some packages in the mail today, and I am very excited to start crossing some of those red numbers off of my Heritage needs list!

The first package came from WickedOrtega "Mr Marlin". After many left comments interested in Marlins cards, I finally received my first package from the elusive Ortega. I am happy to report that he was able to knock off 26 heritage cards as well as send me several nice Red Sox, including these beauties...I am especially fond of the Pedro Martinez card, especially after a very nice comeback game this evening. He clearly needs to build up some stamina, but I see no reason why he won't produce going into the playoffs. A great pickup by the Phils...

I also received an Oki rookie card that is quite a generous addition as well. Thanks a ton Ortega, and good luck to your Marlins down the stretch!

Second package comes from Don in Arizona. I am uncertain if Don has a blog or not, but I received a contact from Don just a few days ago and he was more than willing to chip in and help out with several Heritage cards from my little project including a great Flashback News subset card. Don is a Tigers fan, and I wanted to let you know that I have something special headed your way tomorrow, so stay tuned for it and thanks again reading my blog. Let me know if if you ever need anything from me Don!

The last package of the evening comes from Jim way out there in NJ. Jim is at The Phillies Room and is seeking out every Phillies card ever in existance (and succeeding, I believe)! We worked out a little deal involving some Ginter, and some heritage needs (including a nice bookend #500 Billy Wagner) in exchange for the mini cards that just perplex me to no end. Check out my new favorite Ginter card...

Richard Gatling! Hell yeah. Inventor of the Gatling gun back in 1862. Bet he kept the crooks and coyotes off of his farm! Sweet card Jim, thanks! Jim also knocked out a good portion of my Heritage list as well. Let me know when you get your cards!

I have sent out several packages in the last couple of days and have tried a new UPS store because I found myself wasting too many stamps instead of paying exact money based on weight. Now you pay in advance and then supposedly they sticker the envelopes later that day. It is a bit of an odd system and worries me slightly, so if you would not mind please shooting me a quick email to let me know when you get your package to give me a bit of piece of mind. I can't imagine a UPS store would screw it up, but would like to know please!

Thanks again to all three of you. I will happily update my needs list as it slowly shrinks to a more manageable number!

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  1. Glad I could help with the Ginter and Heritage sets! I'm over in The Phillies Room, where I'll post some of the cards you've sent my way over the next few days.