Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Pizza/Gallardo/Blaster!

My wife took JD shopping at the factory outlets today, so this gave me a great opportunity to watch a little baseball, eat some frozen pizza, and run out to Target to grab a blaster to help me out with my project. First things first. Yovanni Gallardo is taking the mound against Houston, so I have my game to keep me busy until Sox, Yanks tonight.

Secondly, the pizza. Oh yeah! I love a good frozen pizza and without a doubt I highly recommend the Red Baron Sausage and Pepperoni. Accept no substitutes! Now on to the matter at hand. Lets blast some Heritage!

Now I purposefully went to a Different Target today because the other day I ended up grabbing random retail packs because there were no blasters available. I really wanted a blaster because I have this crackpot theory that it will give me the best chance to 1) get eight packs and no dups, 2) maybe get lucky and snag one chrome card and 3) have the freshest sticks of Topps bubble gum...mmm mmmm! Lets see how I do...
Pack #1
Trevor Hoffman
David Wright
Justin Verlander CHROME! Nice, first pack and I have my chrome at 1:10 odds, and I could do much worse than a borderline pitching phenom.
Dusty Baker
Joey Gathright
Fred Lewis
Mike Napoli
Joey Votto selected by youth of America

Pack #2
Cincinatti Red Coaches SP
Jason Motte RC
Troy Percival
Johnny "gas can" Cueto
Alcides Escobar RC
Jeff Mathis
Jason Werth
Chipper Jones

Pack #3
Joe Girardi
Carlos Lee
Casey Kotchman (welcome to the Red Sox sinking ship)
What the??Al Kaline Stadium Relic Flashback!! Authentic Briggs Stadium seat (feels kinda like bat to me)! WOW, this was the absolute last thing I expected to find in a blaster and at 1:390 packs I am feeling pretty good about this box already with a chrome in hand as well. Cool!
Todd Helton
Rich Harden
Chone Figgins

Pack #4
Edwin Encarnacion
Baltimore Orioles Team Card
WOW- Shut the front door! Another Chrome, this time Albert Pujols! Is this super blaster or what?
Tim Redding
St Louis Cards Coaches SP
Aaron Rowand
Jorge De La Rosa
Jesus Flores

Pack #5
Mark Teahan
Kerry Wood
Carlos Guillen
Jose Lopez
Will Venable RC
Aaron Cunningham RC
Luis Castillo
Scott Elbert

Pack #6
New Age Josh Hamilton (talk about a drop off for mr hamilton this year)
Rival All-Stars David Wright and A-Rod
Devon Lowery RC
Chris Davis
Brian Buscher
Jack Cust
Raul Ibanez
Alfredo Simon RC

Pack #7

News Flashback - Fifty-Star flag. Ah the addition of beautiful Hawaii to the Union. Thats one area where I have you East-Coast suckers beat! Six hours non-stop flight and I am in paradise! Did you know this flag was designed by a high schooler?
Alfonso Soriano
Jim Leyland
Adam Jones
Ryan Church
David Eckstein
Blake Dewitt
Xavier "who do I play for this season" Nady
Pack #8
Brad Penny
Marlon Byrd
Yankees Coaches SP
Luis Aparicio/Willy Taveras Then and Now
Alex Cintron
Shaun Marcum
Rickie Weeks
Matt Antonelli RC
Well there you have it. While it cooled off at the end, this was one heckuva blaster. Never thought I would see a relic pop up, and those are the surprises that keep me going back for more!
I am starting to develop some dups and I plan on posting the first list of those later today. Also I am going to go through my team box and sort out the O-Pee-Chee and list those for whoever is working on that set. Maybe we can work a Heritage for O-Pee-Chee deal?
Brewers Update: Yovanni is getting hosed with no run support, and the two-run blast from Geoff Blum (of all people) is probably going to seal the deal. His only mistake of the day.


  1. Was it just a regular base pizza or were any of the toppings parallels?

  2. I'll be on a blaster of that when it turns up in my neck of the woods.

  3. I dunno why, but I do like the stadium seat relics. Nice get!

  4. I really like that Al Kaline card :)