Friday, August 7, 2009

Thursday Morning Admin...

Well, this morning represented the first of the cards to hit the chopping block. Today is recycling day and a bunch of 2006 updates and 2006 series ones met their maker. Enclosed in a used A&G Box it all happened in slow motion as the box slowly twirled out of my hands and into the bottom of the recycle bin. Sorry 2006, just wasn't your year!

This my all seem like card cruelty, but really, in the last several days I have had the ability to wittle away at the cards that I need to keep and file away, and the cards that are going to go in binders. With the excess material all over the place, it made it very difficult to find anything that I was looking for.

I want to get your opinion on the next cards that I will collate...2004 upper deck series 1 (or is it 2). I had a full hobby box that I bought at a discount. I filed away a ton of these cards into respective teams, so I will need to go back through them and pull them out for this worth my time, or should I just huck em? Let me know if you need any 2004 UD!

2009 Icons are looking like they are going to go on deathwatch. I have had no particular interest shown in the numbers I posted yesterday. Jump in to that post and let me know if you would like any of them.

Goudey found a home! Saved in the 11th hour by the mysterious WickedOrtega, whom I often get posts of interests from, but never any follow up! Need an address when you have a chance!

Lets see, what else? I have three boxes of Chrome arriving next week that I am excited to crack open. We'll see where I stand after the boxes, but I may decide to chase this set. Is anybody else doing the chrome this year?

Also, I have a very wittled down A&G need list. Almost done, if any of you might be able to help me finish that set up.

The Heritage project is in full swing! I bought three more packs last night and also pulled some out of my team box that helped me out with 4 SP's! If you have any Heritage looking for a new home, please let me know!

And to finish...just a little editorial on the Yankees-Red Sox Series. People (well, media) stop FREAKIN OUT about every little game. This morning on ESPN it was all doom and gloom and how the red sox have no pitching and will struggle to even make the playoffs. First of all, they are playing in the trampoline that is the new Yankee Stadium. Secondly, Smoltz was a risk, but the Sox are far from struggling for pitchers. Buchholtz has one bad game, and Penny has one bad game and suddenly the wheels have fallen off? Breathe! I absolutely guarantee you that if the Sox win tonight, then tomorrow the headlines will all be about how the Yankees will struggle in the playoffs because they cannot seem to find a way to beat the Red Sox. Thats the media for you!


  1. If the Goudey don't ever make it to mr taco, I'd be happy to give them a home. I very much enjoy the set.

  2. I will give a good home to any and all cards you have deemed worthless 04 06 even 87 or 88, any cards! I am willing to be a foster parent to them untill I can trade them to a home that will love and care for them.


    I agree with your sentiments about the Sox-Yanks series. It's one freakin' game. And I'm saying this as a Yanks fan. So what are the Sox now in '09, 8-1 against the Yanks? Pretty damn good if you ask me.

    We should've bet on this series... a cheap box of junk wax or something. Oh well. We'll do something for the playoffs, for sure.

  4. Me, a taco?? Ortega taco shells come on i've hear better...