Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Daily Special! 2009 Topps Series 1 throwback!

Or as the guy who posted the Pujols Card says on Ebay "Vintage". Gotta love Ebay.

Isn't this fun? Lotta cards flying of the the JD factory for your set building pleasure.

This next one is a pretty ridiculous story. I had gone to Target to grab a blaster of Series 1 cards to complete my Flagship set. Little did I know that Mr UPC Code had a little surprise in store for me and I proceeded to open 10 packs of old-school cardboard. These are still a pretty sweet product, since I love the look of this set, but I have no need for the 60 or so beauties. Big swooping "T", thick smelly cardboard...Can you give them a good home?
Available: 2,5,10,11,18,28,29,33,39,52,55,57,60,68,72,75,83,98,106,124,140,142,151,156,166

Once again, as these are claimed I will highlight them in red....Cardinals red.