Monday, August 3, 2009

Beardy's Bounty!

Great Merlin's beard! I came home this evening to a great sized envelope from Greg over at Beardy's Baseball Blog. Receiving a package from Beardy is great for many reasons:

1. His name is Beardy

2. He officially has the most beard man Ginter prints, which is cool

3. He rides his bicycle for something called "exercise"

4. He is a Orioles fan, which makes us Red Sox fans real happy!

5. He kicks down great stacks of cards!

This was primarily a massive ginter exchange from East Coast to West Coast. I sent over a good number of base prints and a dragon, and Greg sent a massive number of base prints that took a good chunk out of my Ginter base needs. I still can believe I am over 15 cards away from completing the base, seems I should be much closer at this point. If everybody can please dip their heads in and take a look at what I have left in the needs...thanks!

Greg also kicked down a nice portion of the ever-sequential clumps of National Pride. I had the front and tail edge and he sent me a good portion of the middle. I only need about nine more of these babies to complete the set.

Here is the best part of this package though, as I have looked high and low for this card:
Scanners never do refractors any justice whatsoever, but this card is a beauty. Yovani is without a doubt my favorite phenom, so it is especially nice to get a rookie turkey red refractor. The hunt still continues for the "True" rookie card, so if anybody happens to know what that card is, please let me know.

Thanks Greg, the ol Ginter binder is almost filled up and ready to be closed out thanks to your kind donation.

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