Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Daily Special: Topps 2006 Series 2/Updates and Highlights!

See how this works? We are already up to bi-daily! Tonight my wonderful wife Stacy learned about the beauty of collating. She was laying on the sofa, bored as the Red Sox game continues to drag on and on and on, and I suggested she help collate a huge stack of Series 2 and Updates and Highlights! She seemed skeptical, but before you know it, there she was, head down in furrowed concentration and she dealt the cards into individual piles and then before I know it, I have one huge stack of collated Highlights. She quickly grabbed for the regular 2006 Series 2 and chugged away at those also. I am thinking about making her the product manager for the summer sweep sale of Topps!

Below is a list for Topps 2006 Series 2 available just for you!


AND Topps Updates and Highlights 2006:


Gold Parallels: UH86, 110, 185,244,280

Mickey Mantle HR cards: 11,19,57,98,105,117,132,173

Barry Bonds HR History #733

There there are folks, a lot to choose from for sure. Almost enough to keep and go for the set, but these cards just don't speak to me much, so away they go. Give them a good home. Give my Wife some management work!


  1. Talk about freaky...I am trying to finish the Topps 2006 set from series 1 and 2.

  2. Of the series 2 I need are...

    333, 364, 365, 369, 372, 383, 386, 394,
    400, 402, 403,417, 420,423,424,428,453,
    455, 460, 468, 477,481, 482, 486, 487,
    488, 494, 495, 497, 499, 505, 506,510,
    511, 521, 546, 547, 549,574, 575, 584,
    590, 592, 593, 596, 608, 610, 611,612,
    649, 651, 659, 660

    ...I hope this isn't a dream. Or I didn't fudge something up in writing down the numbers. Or I hope I didn't ask for to many, I am just so excited.

    For contact info my e-mail is chipper_fan@hotmail.com

  3. You just missed. I just got the last card I needed to complete the entire 2006 Topps and Topps Updates & Highlights set the other day. Otherwise, I'd be all over No. 295.

  4. Do you have the set completed? If not, I have a bunch of doubles from series 1 and 2. Email me your needs list and I'll see what I can do.

  5. nope, not interesting in the 2006 set, just getting rid of the card that I pulled!