Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Original "Ueck"!!!!

I am reaching out to the blogging community for help on obtaining a Christmas gift for my brother. Over the week at the beach we talked about card collecting a little bit. He used to collect way back in the day and his only claim to fame is the 1984 Topps series. Anyways, he briefly mentioned how he always wanted a Bob Uecker baseball card. I then had the idea of seeing if I could first locate a card, and then send it to Mr Uecker himself to see if he might be willing to do a TTM. I thought this would be a great gift idea and I am looking for your help.

Firstly, I have no idea what a Bob Uecker card runs. I know he played back in the 60's, so it is no doubt an older card to find. My introduction to Bob was watching him on "Mr. Belvedere" as a kid!! Please let me know if you can help me find this card!



  1. His RC is 1962, it's a shared card and a hi number. It also runs about $60 and above. His '63 card is probably the best choice. There's a few on eBay going for under $10. Those are the only two of him that I know of in his Braves uniform if that makes any difference. He also has a few more cards from the '60's that are hi numbers and command a higher price tag just for that fact. Best of luck!

  2. Bob Uecker commands a $60 RC?..............................wow.

  3. It's mainly because it's a hi number. All of the rookie parade cards from that year are worth a shit ton and I don't think there is a big name in the bunch. That's a low quote, I've been outbid at $80 on a regular basis.

  4. Weird, I thought his RC was 1965