Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heritage Project!

As I continue to dump inventory on my daily specials, I had mentioned yesterday that I was tossing around the idea of trying to collect an entire set through trades and blasters only. After much deliberation, I think that I would like to give the 2009 Topps Heritage a go.

I pulled a few packs of these a couple months ago and initially was not that excited in them, I actually like the 2008 design better, but since this is a 500 card set, I figured that there are probably a ton of these in circulation right now, and I can still purchase a blaster or two at Target and maybe even get a hit out of one of them. Are you all able to help me get this collection going? Do any of you have duplicates that you would like to send to Oregon? Please let me know and we can work out some trades!
In regards to daily specials. stay tuned for the Topps 2009 Target Throwback edition this afternoon and then 2009 UD Icons this evening (ooooh). Any unclaimed cards head for the empty A&G "Purgatory" box, where after a week they will meet their maker, so give them a good home!


  1. I can definately send some your way. I'll shoot you an email with the doubles I have...also, I got the cards you sent. Thanks for the Crawford and for the other Rays!

  2. Cool man, thanks for looing for me! Glad you got the cards.

  3. JD, nothing makes me happier than trading for heritage!!! here is what i still need for the set...74,79,162,198,251,263,300,318,337,351,376,
    459,460,461,462,465, 468,469,475,476,477,479,480,481,487, 488,489,491,496,497,499 and 500. I have 3 short prints for trade, plus a bunch of basecards. My project was to finish this set through trading too. I capped myself at 50 packs. I've ripped 49 and done a lot of trading and got a lot of help from our fellow bloggers. Hey, did you ever get the cards that I sent you? The 87 Opening Days plus bonuses? Cheers! troll

  4. Heritage is one of those packs I purchase at Target whenever I'm there to buy something else. It's cheap enough to "sneak in" without raising suspicions of the wife. Now I can send them to you and completely destroy the evidence!

    BTW - have any of the mystery TTMs made it to you yet? I've noticed the players sent have surfaced as very recent successes on some sites, so it should be soon!

  5. Alright! This is sounding very exciting and you have convinced me that I need to start a needs list for this set. I will jump on that ASAP.

    Individual answers. Collective Troll, I did receive a package from you full of old school Orioles! During the Ginter Code Madness I fell sorely behind in sending shout outs on my blog. They are much appreciated and I would love to work with you towards collecting heritage.

    Joe - No TTM's yet. Been quiet in the mail for the last couple days, but now you have me on red alert! Thanks!

  6. I've snuck a few packs in the cart, as Joe S alluded to, and would be willing to trade all the cards I've opened minus a few select Brewers I'd like to keep. Put together the list and let's see how fast the community can knock this set off for you.

    And grab a blaster, everyone loves to see a blaster break!

  7. Sounds great! I am impressed! I will get a list up this evening.