Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Daily Special: 2009 Goudey

JD's Wild Cardz (a link to myself! That oughta increase traffic!) is opening a new segment today called the Daily Special. Is it really daily? Well, probably not, it might end up being bi-daily or tri-daily, or multi-times daily depending on my motivation...but the purpose is to advertise to you the products that I collating for you so you may help in completing your collection!

For trades, here is what I am hoping for:

1. I would like to finish off my 2009 A&G set and have a few needs left if you could please check out my list. I also still have plenty of duplicates for those needing some Ginter love.

2. I would LOVE to complete my SP Legendary Cuts short prints and am over the halfway point. I would trade 100 cards for 1 if need be, because every little bit counts. I just really want to finish this set up and set away for Jacoby.

3. I thought of kinda a fun challenge to try. I would like to try to collect a set entirely through trades, no purchases...minus maybe a blaster or two... I need your help in deciding which set is most likely to help make this a success (something not too big, something that tons of people have, like Ginter). I am sorta leaning towards Heritage, but I know that it is 500 cards or so. But who knows, maybe one of you has a ton of doubles looking for a new home. Either way I am looking for your feedback on which direction to go, so please leave your comments below!

Okay, now on to the show! I bring you Goudey 2009 availables!

Availables: 6, 18 ,36 ,59, 62, 72, 74, 75, 79, 87, 93, 106, 113, 116, 137, 143, 154, 160, 166, 167, 172, 197.

4-in-1's :McCann,Hudson, Johnson, Jones, Dice-K- Wang Chung, Ichiro, Fukodome

As these become spoken for, I will highlight them in red, indicating no longer available.

Happy shopping! Up next I plan to post availables for 2006 Topps Highlights and Updates, and Topps 2009 Target Throwbacks.

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  1. Mike - I'm just now getting a chance to check out my Goudey...I don't have the Youk for Sharpe since 92. However, you do have 62 and 74 that I need.

    Let me know what set you try to build next. I bought a blaster of Heritage and I'm probably only interested in keeping a couple of the cards.