Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heritage Project, Blaster Kickoff!

In following up on a previous blog today, I have made the decision to pursue 2009 Topps Heritage as my experimental "lets see if we can do this through trades and blasters only" challenge. Things look promising as I have already had several offers towards this quest, so I thought I would drop into Target and grab a blaster to kick things off. Unfortunately there were no blasters, but instead a retail box, which is cool since I am basically looking for base cards anyways. they had the price listed at 1.99 which got me stoked so I grabbed about 14 packs..only to learn at the register that they were marked wrong and should have been 2.99. This reduced my load to 8 packs :) So I thought I would do an ol fashioned rip and highlights for you (plus gum chewing). Pack #1

John Danks

Ben Sheets

Ryan Braun SP (nice start)

Phillies Celebration card

Cameron Maybin

Adam Lind

Lou "who?" Marson RC

Joakim "would lead the free world in saves if I was not a Royal" Soria

1 stick gum, ugggggg.

Pack #2

Brad Lidge

Juan Miranda RC (bad as the gum)

Cameron Maybin (sweet, a dup already)

Daisuke Matsuzaka SP

Johan Santana

Brandon Jones

Greg Golson RC

Shields and Rodriguez

Pack #3 ( I have already given up on the gum...just couldn't hack it)

Ted Lilly

Mike Cameron

Scott Baker

Ryan Freel

Aaron Cook

Hanley Ramirez MAYO. Have no idea what this means yet, but looks different and still smells like gum.

Chone Figgins

Manny Acta Pack #4

Ronnie Paulino

Dustin Pedroia (sweet)

Russell Martin

Andrew Carpenter RC

Darin Erstad

Clayton Kershaw (Matt Damon)

Justin Upton

Joe Nathan

Pack #5

Greg Smith

Brian Giles

Edgar Renteria

Tom Glavine

Chris Young

Billy Butler

Derek Jeter (blech)

Marco Scutaro

Pack #6

John Lackey

Ted Lilly Dup

George Cantu

Ryan Freel Dup

Asdrubal Cabrera

Alex Rios

Anibal Sanchez

Many Acta Dup!

Pack #7

Brandon Lyon

Chad Tracy

Chris Perez

Rios MAYO! Makes me hungry

Bruce Bochy

Felipe Lopez

San Francisco Giants Team

Orlando Hudson

Pack #8

Chris Lambert RC

Lyle Overbay

Matt Kemp

Conor Jackson

Phil Hughes CHROME!

Jack Cust

Brian Busher

Willy Taveras

So there you have it. Eight packs (only one piece of gum consumed...I will leave the rest on my wife's nightstand from the anti-tooth fairy), 2 mayos and 1 chrome Yankee. Not really too shabby for eight retail packs. I have a good start on my base and will post a massive needs list on the right bar column. Thank you for all of your help on making this set come together. Please visit my daily specials to see if you can use any of my extras!

On a side note, I am sorry to be a late adopter of this product. Upon second glance, it is really pretty cool stuff, and the attention to detail is why I am becoming more and more a Topps guy. I will definitely put this one on my list for next season.

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  1. I jump on card bandwagons late all the time - it's cheaper that way! Heritage really is a pretty nice set.