Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My First TTM!

I know that I have a couple "Mystery" TTM's on the way from Joe from a couple of trades we made. He did not tell me who, but dropped hints of former Red Sox currently on other teams. With my luck it is my buddy Julian Tavarez and the Scapegoat Johnny Damon (though he gets a pass)!

But alas neither of the mystery TTM's arrived today? So who did I get?

Well, you might remember this little something about the "Odd Man Out", AKA Mr Pat Neshek. Pat is a blogger himself here. His site is a deep bright red and he has a massive security force blocking you from leaving comments on his forum (I have been under review for acceptance for almost three weeks now), but he does leave an address for autographs, and it came back to me in just over a week, so very impressed! Here it is!

Mrs Tooth got the ball rolling on the auto by sending it to me along with a "Border Guard" of security A&G cards such as Jay Bruce and John Smoltz. The auto itself is fantastic, he does a great signature, and he made the effort to personalize the card for a great keepsake. I gotta say though, the "thanks for cracking the code" comment is a little funny. Probably a more appropriate comment would be "you sunnuva #$@$@!!" but cool nonetheless. So my first TTM also becomes my greatest card collecting memory (so far). :) Thank you for taking the time to sign the odd man out card Pat! Get back out on that field soon!


  1. Glad to see you're on the TTM bandwagon! It's really quite a fun way to find something useful to do with all your unwanted base cards.

    Rest assured that one of the mystery TTMs is NOT Julian Tavarez, nor is one Johnny Damon. In fact, the second one sent (which, judging by return times of the ones I sent, will be the first to get to you) is a cool card considering recent events... which occured just days after I sent the card!

    Hmmmm... I hope they get to you soon!

  2. Very cool card. I think it found the best home possible. There'll be no boxing this one up, right? More like one of those cool double-glass frames so you can always see both sides?

  3. There is no doubt, Pat is the man! I will mention something to him about the membership approval back up.